Freshman Boys PE/Health
The Health curriculum will deal with Stress Management, Health Risks, Relationships, Nutrition/Weight Management, and Substance Abuse.  The Physical Education curriculum is designed to improve physical fitness, enhance motor skills for successful participation in lifetime sports, and help build a positive self-image through participation in physical education. Games include, but are not limited to, basketball, handball, disc golf, ultimate, football, rugby, soccer, track & field, cardiovascular endurance training, muscular endurance training, weight lifting, etc.
Advanced Physical Education                                                                             
Prerequisite:  Completion of Health/PE
This course is available to students who have excelled in their ninth-grade physical education class. It is designed to challenge advanced students in weightlifting, conditioning and various sports.  Physical Fitness tests will be administered throughout the year to assess one's fitness level.
Lifetime Sports
This course is designed for those who enjoy Physical Education.  Participants do not need to be in top physical condition to be successful.  It is designed to introduce games a person can play throughout their lifetime.  This course does have an exercise component which exposes the student and helps the student understand that exercise, along with games, is beneficial for a healthy life.  Assessments will be done throughout the semester to check for understanding.  Games include, but are not limited to, badminton, pickleball, horseshoes, cornhole, ladderball, disc golf, tennis, golf, fishing, hiking, walk jog run, weight lifting, cardiovascular exercise, etc.