Silube CR-1 Silicone elastomer liquid

[INCI Name (proposed): polydecene  (and) cetyldimethicone / dimethicone crosspolymer]

There are a number of  personal care  applications  where a dry skin feel is 
important.  Cyclomethicones are commonly used in cosmetic products to provide a 
solvent that feels dry on the skin. The key areas where it is used include antiperspirants, 
color cosmetics and as a base solvent to blend with fragrance oils and perfume oils

Cyclomethicone is a clear, odorless silicone. It leaves a silky-smooth feel when 
applied to the skin. Cyclomethicones possess a cyclic structure rather than the linear 
chain structures of  the  dimethyl silicones.  Their low heat of vaporization and their 
tailored vapor pressures has led to their use as cosmetic vehicles. In other words the feel 
has been associated with volatility. 

Volatility is the ability of the compound being tested to evaporate  at  the 
temperatures which the compound is used in formulation. For cosmetic products, this 
temperature is ambient. It has generally accepted that cyclomethicones provided this feel 
because they evaporate quickly after helping to carry oils into the top layer of the 

For a long time an unmet need in the cosmetic industry. is the ability to provide a 
product that (1) has  a dry feel, (2) is cyclomethicone-free, (3) is not  converted to
cyclomethicone when exposed to catalyst and (4) is not flammable  Volatility  is  a 
contributor to dry feel, but more importantly, spreadability and low surface tension are 
major contributors to dryness. The assumption that volatility is required for dry feel is 
due to the fact that historically D4 Cyclomethicone is both dry and volatile. D5 has 
replaced D4 in formulations and consequently has been found acceptable in many 
cosmetic formulations as a D4 replacement, BUT it is  not volatile  under formulation
conditions experienced by the cosmetic chemist. The graph below demonstrates this 

The feel of D5 is related to surface tension and viscosity. Non-silicone 
compounds (such as hydrocarbons) by themselves cannot replace D5, because (a) they 
cannot provide a surface tension of below 30 dynes/cm and (b) the volatile versions are
generally flammable.

The selection of the proper silicone compound which will reduce the surface 
tension in combination with the appropriate non-flammable hydrocarbon allows for a 
composition that can replace D5.

Silube®CR-1 is a patent pending composition made up of a silicone resin and 
polydecene blend designed to have the feel and drying characteristics of D5.  This 
product is stable over the entire pH range, has excellent spreadability, has nonvolatile/low flammability/high flash point properties, is non-comedogenic and can be
readily formulated into a variety of cosmetic formulations. The key physical properties 
are listed below:

Appearance: Clear Liquid
Color, Gardner: 1
Specific Gravity: 0.96
Water solubility (1%): Insoluble
Range %
- polydecane       >75%
- cetyldimethicone/dimethicone crosspolymer 1-5%

Before handling, read the Material Safety Data Sheet and container label for safe use, physical 
and health hazard information.

When stored below 20 Celsius, Silube®CR-1 has a shelf life of 36 months from the date of 

PACKAGING: Silube®CR-1 is supplied in 20kg pails and 200kg drums

Chu Sirampuj,
Mar 26, 2012, 3:39 AM