Antifoam OFF30


Product Description:

OFF30 is a high performance silicone antifoam emulsion specially developed to control foam in various industries.


Detergent, Textile, Agricultural, Latex, Printing industries and various industries 

Special Features:

 Good foam control performance at low concentration

 Long-term antifoam throughout the process

► Outstanding antifoaming efficiency, reliability and versatility

► Extremely stable, both on storage and especially in high temperature aqueous systems

► Excellent dispersibility in both hot and cold aqueous systems

► Stable to high shear

Typical Properties:

Specification writers: These values are not intended for use in preparing specifications.





Off White, Vicous Emulsion

Active Ingredient



This product is neither tested nor represented as suitable for medical or pharmaceutical.

How to Use:

► OFF30 disperses easily in both hot and cold aqueous systems, requiring only mild agitation to disperse it completely in the foaming system. For maximum efficiency and economy we recommend the antifoam be diluted with water before use, in the ratio of one volume of OFF30 to nine volumes of cool soft or deionised water, the water being added slowly to the antifoam with continual low-shear agitation. For best results the diluted antifoam should be used within twelve hours of dilution. We can advise on suitable stabilisers when diluting OFF30. The quantity of antifoam required can only be found by experiment. In general between 100 and 500 ppm of the product is all that is required (500ppm = 0.5 litres of product per 1000 litres of foaming media). Spraying the diluted solution on the foaming surface directly and thoroughly helps diminishing foam faster.

Handling Precautions:

A Product Safety Data Sheet should be obtained from Chem Sources Sales Office prior to use. Attention: Before handling, read Data Sheets and container labels for safe use, and any physical and/or health hazard information.

Storage and Shelf Life

 Wear eye protection, protective gloves at all times when working with this product.

 Keep OFF30 out of the sunlight.

 When stored at or below temperature 32 in the original unopened containers this product has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacturer.

Packaging Information:

OFF30 is available in 25kg containers.

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