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Simethicones in pharmaceutical industry

Simethicone is an oral anti-foaming agent used to reduce bloating, discomfort and pain caused by excess gas in the stomach or intestinal tract. It is a mixture of polydimethylsiloxane and silica gel.


Chemical action and pharmaceutical effects

Simethicone is an anti-foaming agent that decreases the surface tension of gas bubbles, causing them to combine into larger bubbles in the stomach that can be passed more easily by burping. Simethicone does not reduce or prevent the formation of gas in the digestive tract; rather, it increases the rate at which it exits the body. However, Simethicone can relieve pain caused by gas in the intestines by decreasing foaming which then allows for passing of flatus. Simethicone is not absorbed by the body into the bloodstream, and is therefore considered relatively safe, with sources reporting the worst side effects asbloating, constipation, diarrhea, gas and heartburn. While sold as a treatment for colic, randomised controlled trials have not borne this claim out.

Simethicone solutions of differing concentration also have industrial applications for reducing foaming in certain chemical processes.



Tablets containing Simethicone

Simethicone comes in many different oral forms, which have differing usual dosages. Though there are standard dosages for adults and teens, dosages for children should be determined by a doctor.

          Capsules or tablets:

Adults and teenagers: 60 to 125 milligrams (mg) four times a day, after meals and at bedtime. No more than 500 mg should be taken in twenty-four hours.

          Chewable tablets:

Adults and teenagers: 40 to 125 mg four times a day, after meals and at bedtime or the dose may be 150 mg three times a day, after meals. No more than 500 mg should be taken in twenty-four hours.


Adults and teenagers: 40 to 95 mg four times a day, after meals and at bedtime. No more than 500 mg should be taken in twenty-four hours.

          Dissolving membrane:

A thin dissolving membrane dose that is placed on the tongue and dissolves with saliva.


Simethicone is generally available over the counter under many trade names in varying dosage sizes and combinations with other drugs, including:

          Air-X (Thailand)

          Antiflat[4][5] (Austria)

          Baby's Own Infant Drops







          Gascon (Taiwan)


          Gas Relief

          Gasvan (Serbia)


          Gazim X (Israel)


          Imodium Multi-Symptom Relief (formerly Imodium Advanced)





          Lefax (Germany)

          Little Tummys

          Maalox Anti-Gas

          Maalox Max


          Minifom (Norway, Sweden)

          My Baby Gas Relief Drops

          Mylanta Gas

          Mylanta Gas Relief

          Mylicon Drops

          Mylicongas (Italy)




          SAB Simplex

          Siloxogene (India)


          Telament (South Africa)

          Triaerom (Peru)

          WindEze (UK)

          Flatin (HU)

          Refalgin (IT)

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