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About Antifoam Thailand

About Antifoam Thailand

We specially provide 6 series and over 80 varieties of silicone and non-silicone foam control agents. these products cover from organosilicone to non-organosilicone, from water soluble to oil soluble, solid to liquid, single to synthetic and they are widely used in 14 different kinds of industrial processes, such as Paper making, Petrochemical, Textile and Dyeing, fermentation, Fertilizer, Water Treatment, Food Processing, Washing, Paints or printing Inks, Pharmaceutical, Mechanism and others.

R&D Center

We have a professional, efficient, and experienced group. These experts and engineers involve in researching and developing foam control agents in various industries. Over 15 years experience means we are ideally placed to satisfy your requirements for antifoam products, whether it is "On or Off" the shelf.

Quality Control Center

Good product quality can be guaranteed only by the high quality control system. Every of our engineer believes that continuously improving the quality control system is the trend of the quality control development. Adhering to this belief, these engineers have set a restrict antifoam quality control standard. Besides, we have established ISO 1992 International Quality System since 1999 and received ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Excellence Certificate in 2003. To achieve greater satisfaction and provide more stable products for customers, our engineers will continue the perfection of the quality control system, optimize quality management and assist upgrading products competitiveness.

Application of our Antifoam in different industries

Applications of our Antifoam in different industries:
  1. Papermaking Industry
  2. Textile & Dyeing Printing Industry
  3. Petroleum Chemicals
  4. Fermentation
  5. Paints & Ink Industry
  6. Fertilizer Industry
  7. Washing & Surface Treatment
  8. Food Processing
  9. Water Treatment
  10. Cement Construction
  11. Mechanism Process & Automobile Industry
  12. Pharmaceutical Industry

Negative Effect of the Foams

The negative effect of foams displays in the following aspects:
Though foams in daily life is a general phenomenon, actually in many industries, foams are undesirable.
  1. Capability of machine is restricted:
    • During the course of biological fermentation industry (manufacture of alcohol, beer, antibiotics), the foams which flow out of the ferment tank, reaction tank and digestion tank will lead the percentage of quantity of ferment resource decrease, sometimes even less than 30%
  2. Waste the raw materials and final products:
    • Sometimes the existence of foams can cause the overflow and waste of expensive materials especially on the papermaking industry, sugarmaking industry, and oil applying process of the textile industry
  3. Delay the reaction period:
    • The residues from chemical reaction such as gas and liquid will form the foams and they will delay the reaction period and waste energy
  4. Affect the quality of product:
    • During the course of dyeing and coating in the textile industry, the foams are easily being holdback which will result in spots and imperfection on the surface of cloth or coating. Foams in paper pulp are also bringing "holes" on the final paper and decrease the paper quality
  5. Augment the measurement error:
    • The exist foams disturb the measurement accuracy of content gage in industrial production process. Besides, the exist foams in liquid easily change the liquid density and result in the balance loss of operation
  6. Environment Pollution:
    • The overflowing foams must pollute the manufacturing environment and bring operation irregularity sometimes

Why Using Antifoams?

Why using Antifoam?
  • Antifoam is a kind of essential aids used in various industries. The main function of antifoam is to eliminate and inhibit hazardous foams formed by surfactants, bacterium, stirring and other manmade or non-manmade factors. At present, antifoam is already widely used in different industries such as paint, papermaking, textile, fermentation, waste treatment, dyeing & printing, detergent, oil drilling & refinery and emulsion polymerization etc. Our antifoam agents are generally composed of 2 categories: organosiloxane antifoam agent, and Non-organosiloxane Antifoam agent. By our recommendations, you can find the right one product to solev your foam problems.
What could our Antifoam bring to you?
  • You can use our antifoam by low dosage and high efficiency
  • Our R&D center owns a professional, excellent and experienced team who will bring you the most suitable foam control program
  • We will provide you complete technical service an dcorresponding facilities
  • We help customers optimize design of products
  • We promote new products and new technology
  • Our products are easy to use and some products have strong universal characters
How to use our Antifoam?
  • Step 1: Before making a trial run test, please make an experiment in your lab, thus you can determine the optimum amount of antifoam that you want to use in your system.
  • Step 2: In order to keep the effectiveness of the antifoam, please stir it completely to avoid stratification despite its original state.
  • Step 3: Please ask for our guidance before you dilute the antifoam
  • Step 4: Before we recommend a suitable product for you, please fill our survey to let us know a further understanding of your application condition