posted Sep 15, 2009, 3:22 PM by Chu   [ updated Jul 15, 2010, 1:25 AM ]
Chem Sources Ltd., Part Antifoam Simethicone C100F is a highly effective 100% silicone antifoam compound which has been developed specifically for pharmaceutical applications. This compound consists of specially developed polydimethylsiloxane fluid and silica aerogel. The silica aerogel activates the defoaming properties of the silicone fluid.

Simethicone C100F can be used as an ingredient in antiflatulent preparations for treatment of intestinal gas and bloating in humans. The use of silicone antifoams in the treatment of this condition is both well known and widely reported.

The application of silicone antifoam is thought to produce a coalescence of the gas bubbles producing free gas which can then be more easily removed by belching or passing flatus.

Simethicone C100F is normally rec- ommended for antiflatulent preparations in gel or tablet form.

Simethicone C100F can also be used in suppressing frothy bloat in cattle, either on their own, supplied with other ingredients in a drench form or combined with salt licks.....more information