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Key Dates

Middle School

In Term 3, all students wishing to enroll into Year 9 for 2018 are required to complete the Course Selection process outlined on this site.  The key components of this program involve: 

1. Monday 24th July: All current Year 8 students attend Student Information Assembly in Learning Futures.

2. Thursday 17th August: Electives Sheets and receipt for payment for High Cost Electives is due to the Year 8 Coordinators office by 4.00pm.  Students electing to participate in the Tasmania Tour will need to submit their Application forms to the Year 8 Coordinators office by this date too.

Year 9 Subject Selection

Year 9 is an exciting year, students will study core subjects that challenge them and electives that may well lead to future pathways. The college supports students to do their personal best in all areas of college life. Our young people are encouraged to use the opportunities available to them and actively participate in all facets of school life. Many students find their involvement in co-curricular activities enriches their learning experience, these activities can include: 
  • Student leadership 
  • School production 
  • Musical performances 
  • Sporting teams (as player or coach) 
  • Windsor Gardens Exchange
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award  
  • World Challenge 
  • Debating
Year 9 provides the opportunity for students to expand their horizons through greater control of their subject choices. It enables them to experience a range of electives, giving exposure to a variety of courses, developing a more informed picture of the pathways available to them in Senior School. At Year 9, students complete six electives over the year, three in each semester. These will be allocated according to the order of student preference requests and the availability of elective subjects on the timetable when it is constructed. 2017 student results and student participation in a range of co-curricular activities are considered when course counselling occurs. 

Senior School

In Term 3, all students wishing to enroll in the Senior School for 2018 are required to complete the Course Counselling process outlined on this site.  The key components of this program involve:

1. Monday 16th July: All current Year 10 students will attend a Student Information Assembly in the Auditorium.

2.  Monday 23rd July: All current Year 11 students will attend a Student Information Assembly in the Auditorium.

3. Wednesday 25th July: All current Year 10 students will participate in the "Subject Supermarket" during period 1-2.

3. Thursday 26th July: All current Year 9 and 10 students wishing to enroll in the Senior School for 2018 are required to attend the Student/Parent Information Evening. This night will include presentations from the Senior School Leader, Careers & Pathways Leader, Head of Maths, as well as a showcase of all Key Learning Areas, including VCAL.  

4. Monday July 30th and August 6th: During Pastoral Care all Year 9/10/11 students are required to complete the activities outlined in the relevant tabs at the top of this page. 

5. Thursday August 16th: Electives Sheets and receipt for payment for High Cost Electives is due to the Senior School office by the end of Thursday 16th. 

6. Monday August 20-24: Course Counselling takes place over the week:
  •    All current Year 10 students wishing to enter Year 11 VCE or VCAL for 2018 must attend an interview with a course counselor. 
  •    Year 9 students invited to accelerate into a VCE subject in 2018 are also required to attend. 
  •    Current Year 11 students who have obtained an unsatisfactory result in any subject, along with Year 11 into 12 students who wish t change a subject for 2018. 

Introduction to Senior School

The Senior School at Cheltenham Secondary College is committed to ensuring that each student is able to access a pathway which meets both their needs and academic aspirations. The school has undergone significant changes to teaching programs and facilities in recent years, and inspiring us in every endeavour is the desire for every student to achieve their ‘Personal Best’. We provide a range of pathways for our Year 10 and VCE/VCAL students to ensure that all students are well prepared for life beyond school.

In order to prepare students for an ever-changing and technological world, we have developed new curricula and teaching approaches that will deliver improved outcomes for all students at all levels. Our approaches are inspired by extensive research, our student’s needs and educational initiatives. Our Years 10, 11 and 12 students are able to choose from a broad range of subjects to tailor a course that best suits their needs.

The curriculum at Cheltenham Secondary College encourages students to take responsibility for their learning through a choice of Units at Years 10, 11 & 12. As students move into the Senior School the importance of planning their education and mapping out a preferred pathway becomes paramount in working towards a productive and successful future. “Acceleration” of VCE units is available in most subject areas to Year 10 students who are ready for this added challenge. Year 10 students are able to incorporate one VCE study into their course should their results in Year 9 be above the expected level and they meet the criteria. In Year 10 there are some compulsory units but students have the opportunity to study a VCE OR VET unit in their elective choices.

All students in the Senior School are given more responsibility in managing their own time and study, and having choice over a course of study. It is important that they plan carefully and make informed decisions which enable them to fulfill both academic and personal goals.

We have had a great deal of success with the Victorian Certificate of Education at Cheltenham Secondary College. In recent years, almost 100% of our students who attempted Years 11 and 12 were awarded the certificate. Being a Year 7-12 College, we offer continuity in a supportive environment. We monitor each student’s attendance and progress carefully and also have an extensive course counselling process. Full school uniform is required of our Senior School students and we have high expectations of student responsibility and behaviour.

The Senior School provides extensive student support programs, including study skills and Pathways counselling, together with a rich cultural and sporting co-curricular program. Students in the Senior School are able to take up many leadership positions in the College, in the Student Representative Council, the House System, as Year 12 Leaders or Year 10 Peer Support Leaders. Whether or not they are in formal roles we expect all Senior Students to role model the College values of Personal Best, Responsibility, Respect and Sense of Community to their younger colleagues in the Middle School.

Parents and students should note that all subjects described in this document are offered in 2018/2019. However, whether all subjects actually run is subject to student enrollment numbers and staff availability.