Welcome to Beach Middle School! For the 2013-2014 school year, I am teaching Global Studies 6, 6th Grade Skills, and 7th & 8th grade electives.  Be sure to visit the pages in the menu at the left for useful information and topics of interest.  Thanks for visiting!

Mrs. Morgans's Schedule

 Hour         Time Class
 1st8:10-9:00  Global Studies 6
 2nd9:04-9:54  Global Studies 6
 3rd 9:58-10:48 Global Studies 6 
 4th 10:52-11:19 Global Studies 6
 LUNCH 11:19-11:49LUNCH 
 4th11:53-12:20  Global Studies 6
 5th 12:24-1:14 7/8 Elective
 6th 1:18-2:08Skills 
 7th 2:12-3:02 PLAN

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Classroom Rules

These rules and consequences have been established to help develop a positive classroom environment so students can do their best every day.

1. Be prepared. Students will not be allowed to return to their lockers whenever they forget their supplies, so being prepared is essential each day.  Students who do not come prepared will lose points and have to complete the work they were unable to do on their own time.

2. Be prompt.  Tardiness is disruptive to the rest of the class.  The student handbook states that students will be given detention after their third tardy in each class.

3. Be polite.  Everyone deserves to have a quality educational experience; students who are disrespectful to others detract from that experience, and will be disciplined accordingly.  No swearing, talking back, or bullying will be tolerated. Keep your hands,  feet, and objects to yourself.

4. Be productive.  All students should make the most of their education by staying on task and following directions as often as possible.  The middle school years are a time for maturing and learning good habits.  Each student should be aware that his/her grade is the result of his/her own work and skill.  Excuses for missing, late, or incomplete work are not helpful and will not change the grades. Good academic habits promote achievement, so students should create routines for themselves to make sure they are completing their homework on time to the best of their abilities.