Health Science


Health Science is an introduction to Health Care and Health Care careers. Students have the option to complete the State of Michigan Certified Nurse Assistant training. Successful completion of all components of the training provides eligibility for the State testing to be a Certified Nursing Assistant. The State test is not part of this program and there is a cost for testing. 

The CNA certificate is valuable for many different reasons, here are 3 reasons students find it useful.

  • It is required for Nursing programs at Washtenaw Community College.
  • Physician Assistant programs accept the hours worked as a CNA as evidence of relevant work experience. 
  • It increases a student's chances of obtaining a paid entry level position in health care.

The training that students receive in the Health Science class is transferable to many entry level employment positions in health care including, Nursing Assistant or Patient Care Assistant in the hospital setting. Students who have an interest in Nursing, Medicine and other Allied Health careers should take this class. The class is an elective offered through the South and West Washtenaw Consortium which includes Chelsea, Dexter, Lincoln, Manchester, Milan and Saline schools.  Students may be eligible to receive either a math credit or 3rd Science credit for this class instead of an elective credit.  Students wanting math or science credit must speak with the counselor at their home school to determine their school's policy on Consortium class credit.


Juniors and Seniors from Chelsea, Dexter and Manchester may apply to take the class that is offered in the morning at Chelsea high school. Juniors or Seniors from Lincoln and Milan may apply to take the class that is offered at Saline high school in the afternoon. Seniors from Saline may apply to take the class that is offered at Saline high school in the afternoon.  Talk to your counselor if you are interested, there is an application process. 


 1. VACCINATION INFORMATION: The following vaccinations and tests are required by hospitals and nursing homes.  There are no exceptions.  If you want to complete the CNA training or do any job shadowing you must provide documentation for these vaccinations and tests.  Ask your doctor for copies of your medical files and bring those copies to class the first week of class.

  • 2 vaccine dates for MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
  • 2 vaccine dates for Varicella. Self reporting that a child had Varicella (chicken pox) is no longer accepted. If you had chicken pox and were seen by your doctor, ask that doctor for a letter verifying that you had chicken pox. If you were not seen by your doctor at the time of infection you will need to have blood drawn to determine immunity.
  • 3 vaccine dates for Hepatitis B over a 6 month period.
  • A negative TB (tuberculosis skin test) which should be done no sooner than August or September but no later than September 30Th. TB tests are only good for one year. 
  • Seasonal influenza vaccine good for the whole school year 
  • Tdap booster 

2. CLINICAL ROTATIONS: For Nurse Assistant Training.

  • Begin in April at Chelsea Retirement Community for Chelsea, Dexter and Manchester students
  • Begin in April at Saline Evangelical Home for Lincoln,Milan and Saline students. 
  • No student will be allowed to begin a clinical rotation until they have all of the vaccination information on file with the instructor.  Every student will be required to complete a criminal background form and have a background check done by the institution prior to beginning clinical rotations, this is a State and Federal law. Students must have a minimum of 25 hours of clinical training in the long term care facility with their Nurse Aide Trainer.  Absences during CNA clinical training in April and May are discouraged as it may result in student being ineligible for the completion certificate if they do not have 25 hours of training.   

3. UNIFORM: Required for each student.

  • Burgundy scrubs (both the scrub top and bottom must be plain with no patterns, emblems or designs) purchased by student at your convenience.
  • Name tags are provided at no charge to the student.
  • Clean athletic shoes.
  • Lab coat and stethoscope are optional and must be purchased by student.