Mental Health and Wellness

Suicide Prevention Lifeline Link
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Parent helping girl complete homework
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As a school district, we recognize that mental health wellness is an area of need for families and communities.  We hope to provide some resources for students and families as well as staff. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or have a specific concern about your child. Below are the contact people for each building. 

Quote from Brene Brown-The Gifts of Imperfections

Director of Special Education and Early Childhood 

Lisa Nickel,, ext. 6083

North Creek

Luman Strong, Principal,, ext. 3005

Charlotte Yu, Social Worker,, ext. 3015

Kristin Krarup-Joyce, Psychologist,, ext. 3016

South Meadows

Stacie Battaglia, Principal,, ext. 5005

Diana Salazar, Social Worker,, ext. 5015

Kristin Krarup-Joyce, Psychologist,, ext. 5105

Emily Verbeke, Psychologist, , ext. 5016

Beach Middle School

Nick Angel, principal,, ext. 2005

Emily Verbeke, Psychologist,, ext.  2016                

Chelsea High School

Mike Kapolka, Principal,, ext. 1005

Beth Morris, Social Worker,, ext. 1017

Ellen Kent, Psychologist,, ext. 1015