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 Meal Prices

  • Elementary and Middle School $1.25
  • High School $1.50
  • Reduced $.30

  • Elementary $2.50
  • Middle School, High School $3.00
  • Reduced $.40

To access Mealtime Online click here.

Note:  Creating a new account for your student you will need their pass code.  Please call 433-2200 ext. 1026 and ask for Deanna Ireland.  To set up an account please go to

If you wish to view what your student has purchased for lunch or what their balance is you can view that through Mealtime Online under the deposit section.  You do not have to make a deposit to do this.

Be aware it may take up to 24 hours for meal history to display for your child.  Deposits might not be available for your child to use until the next school day.

Carrie Hall, Food Service Director




Study:Lunch After Recess Prompts Kids to eat more Fruits, Veggies

For decades, school lunch ladies have been puzzling over how to get kids to eat their fruits and vegetables. Now a small-scale study in Utah suggests a simpler solution, one that even mom would love: Why not simply move lunchtime so that it falls after recess?

The new study, appearing in the February issue of the journal Preventive Medicine, shows that waiting until after recess to feed kids increases per-child fruit and veggie consumption by 54% and prompts 45% more students to eat any fruits or vegetables at all. The authors theorize that not only are students hungrier after recess, they're also not as rushed to be "done" with lunch so they can maximize playtime.

Previous research has shown that waiting until after recess to serve lunch prompts kids to eat more and waste less overall. It also makes the lunchroom a calmer, more orderly place.

Recent federal guidelines have essentially forced schools to put more fruits and vegetables on kids' trays, but just says this alone isn't enough to motivate kids to eat them.

"It's not always what's on the tray that matters,".  "Sometimes it's what you were doing before or after lunch that makes the difference."