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Apps to Try and Freebies:

Seesaw version 5.0 will be available in July. Seesaw ambassadors got the sneak peek. The new version introduces different messaging options, customize your page theme and icon, families with multiple children using Seesaw can access their accounts in all one place. There will be more too...stay tuned. 

ECTC Presentations:

Sharable Links:
Rhyme Book - Example of a book to have your students open and edit in Book Creator and then share to Seesaw
Each, Peach, Pear, Plum...- Book to open in Book Creator and underline rhyming words

http://web.seesaw.me/ Seesaw is an app that aids children in documenting their work. The app is accessible by the teacher, other students as well as parents as a way to give children an audience for their learning. This app also allows children to receive (teacher approved) feedback from the teacher, their peers and their parents. 

App of the week: 
https://www.getepic.com/ Epic is an amazing online library of high quality children's books. Many books will also read to your child. For reading, your child can earn badges and awards to encourage reading! You can download the app for $4.99. It is well worth the money. I received a teacher's log in for free and all the kids in my classroom as able to use this app for free. They LOVE it! Perfect for another choice during Daily 5. 

App of the week: 
 Aurasma is an augmented reality app that acts like a QR code. You create a video or 3D overlay onto an image of your choice. The video overlays onto the image. The image you took then becomes like the QR code and when captured in the Aurasma app shows the video overlay. You sign up for aurasma in aurasma studio and then you can make your own auras, aurasma channel and follow other aurasma channels to view their auras. My channel is http://auras.ma/s/n2ZzX

App of the week:
https://www.zondle.comZondle allows the teacher to make up assessments and the kids to use these assessments in a game based scenario of their choice. It will take one test (like plants) and turn it into ten different games. The kids can access your tests or they can search for other assessments that have already been created. There are also new "team play" features that allow the class to play the same game at the same time. This feature is similar to Kahoot.

Tech of the week:
https://www.gonoodle.com/dashboard Does your class need a brain break? GoNoodle has TONS of videos that will allow your students to dance along, do yoga or zumba, and learn how to relax. Some of these physical activity breaks are even Common Core alligned. So, take a break, and Go Noodle!

App of the week:
 Kahoot  and Kahoot it are amazing web sites (that you can save as an app on your iapd) for gamification in the classroom. You can make your own quiz, discussions and surveys for the kids to answer. You can keep track of your scores on your google drive account. Perfect for pre and post tests. The kids can also make their own Kahoot's for the class. Super fun!
Kahoot: https://getkahoot.com/ - this link allows you to make your own kahoots
Kahoot.it: https://kahoot.it/#/ - this link allows to you play kahoots

App of the Week: 
Fetch! Lunch Rush
This augmented reality app enriches addition and subtraction facts. Download the number cards and play away. Kids love being able to count the 3D sushi images. This app is amazing!

App of the Week:  A new concept in technology is augmented reality. Augmented reality is an augmented or changed real world environment. The environment maybe augmented with, sound, video, graphics or GPS data. Many times its a 3-D visual overlay on the real world. It can be interactive and manipulable.  
is a digital storytelling tool that lets anyone easily create his or her own augmented reality 3D pop-up books. The web site is where you create the books. The app let you view books. The app will be ready to create books as well soon. There is also a web based Zooburst site that lets you make a view books. 

Other augmented apps:
Fetch! Lunch Rush
Google Sky Map
Stop Motion

App of the week:
Book Creator
 We have been using this app for a while now. It has been useful for me to voice over books so that everyone has a copy to use as well as making my own books. The kids have been using this app to publish their own books like their how-to writing pieces. They have also creating "All About" books using this app and many other books of their choice. This app makes it very easy to upload your books into iBooks, Google Drive and other apps, as well as email. It is easy to use and easy to share.  

Tech of the Week: Make WonderRobots https://www.makewonder.com/
The robots are controlled by three different apps on the ipad. The kids have had fun writing code for the robots. 

Here is a video of me working with a group of kids in tech club. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B89VS9FAhkH5WWlLcXIzdmsyY1BhTGttMDB3X1FaNHFCMl93/view?usp=sharing

App of the week January 21st: Scratch Jr.
 This app is a introduction to coding for kids. The kids work with codes to move objects around on the background of their choice. They can code two or more objects to work together, voice over their code and add their own pictures as well. 

App of the week October 6th: iBooks and iAuthor

I have been making books for our second graders that they can read in iBooks. I make the curriculum-based book in iAuthor on my computer and then email my students a file that can be opened and read in iBooks. You can find the Light iBook under subjects then science on my web page.  The Chelsea History iBook is on the second grade web site. 

App of the week September 2nd: Shutterfly Picture Share
Mrs. Proos Shutterfly site I am using this site for sharing pictures of our classroom. Click on the icon in the left margin to connect to our Shutterfly class web site.

App of the week April 14th: Scholastic Magazine App and web site resources
Click on the image above to go to the scholastic, student access, web site. You will need my class code "shellmap518" to access the online student features. You can also use the class code when logging into the new scholastic magazine app. Just go to the app store and search "scholastic magazine" and download the app for free. Then enter my class access code and your child can read the magazines, play games, access videos, play skills games and download worksheets for free. I can also assign work on the site for our class as well. I am excited that scholastic as come out with this app for student use. We are already using it in class.
Teachers: Click on this link http://sni.scholastic.com/SN2 then log in and click on "my dashboard". You will see your code on this page.

App of the week March 31st: Google Drive
                  Google Drive allows me the ability me to upload flipped lessons that I have made and easily share them with my students. My students have the Google Drive app on their iPads that they use to retrieve documents, videos, slideshows, etc. that I have shared with them. The advantage is the ease of sharing and my students being able to access these files ANY TIME, AS NEEDED! Having this app also allows my students to work collaboratively on the same document at the same time and see each others work. The sharing feature is nice when a student is working on an independent study and I want to see what they have written or respond to them on their work.

App of the week Feb. 20th: Ask3
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ask3/id572042047?mt=8 Ask3 is an app that turns ipads into recordable whiteboards (the same as Educreations), but it goes one step further in allowing students to respond to one another enabling peer-to-peer collaboration. It also allows the teacher to flip lessons IN the classroom for the students. 

App of the week Dec. 6th: kidblog
This is an app and also a web site. It allows me the ability to receive feedback from all of my students at the same time. I can use this as an assessment tool, to work on writing, or to get my students opinion about a recent activity or topic. Before students are able to see each others posts, I have to approve their comments giving me the ability to sensor their posts. This app is a great tool that we are learning more about a we use it. 

App of the week Oct. 28th: Money (Freefall Money)
 This app serves a few different functions; coin introduction, naming the amount, matching the coins to the correct amount and making given amounts. This app also has ten different levels making it easy to differentiate. The setting features also allows practice in Euros (if you have a need for that). It is an appropriate money app for second graders because it asks students to represent coin amounts in many different ways. 

App of the week Oct. 21st: Place Value
 This app allows children to make numbers using base ten blocks as well as identify the number represented by base ten blocks. It awards the children for correct answers and gives them hints if their answer is wrong until they get it correct. This app has three levels which allow for differentiation based on skill level. This app has been very useful for teaching and enriching place value, using base ten blocks, to my second grade students.

App of the week Oct. 7th:
 Found in the app store as "2nd Grade Words"
I am so excited about this app! Joseph Blough took my app idea and made it even better! This app does two jobs. It serves as a mini-dictionary for the kids where they can search for words with a moveable alphabet. If the word is not already listed it can be added and saved to the list of words. Even better is that this app is also a word sorting app. Teachers can add their student's word sorts on the web site and then students can find their word sorting list and sort their words on their ipad through the 2nd Grade Words app. LOVE IT! Click here for the web site

App of the Week Oct. 2nd:
This app explains that fluency is reading with your E.A.R.S (Expression, Accuracy, Rate and Smoothness). It shows the children what fluency sounds like by listening to fluent and not fluent reading and MUCH MORE. Love this app! I always cover fluency and use this app when working on a reader's theater with my guided reading groups.

App of the Week Sept. 13th:
 This free app is for reading and math, but we are just using it to enrich math for now. The children took a test that placed them in a certain unit. Then, your child got to practice certain math problems within their unit. They get to earn coins for practicing their math skills and cash in their coins for games. I have signed each student up in my class and have sent home their log-in and password. Happy math practice!

App of the week May 7th:
Learning A-Z app is also called Raz Kids. This app allows children to read both fiction and nonfiction books at their level on the ipad or computer. Every child in our classroom uses this app on their individual ipad. They have to follow the rule of 5: listen, listen, read, read, quiz. The children know that they must listen to the book twice, read it twice and then take the comprehension quiz on the book. If they miss any questions on the quiz, it immediately has them go back to the questions they got wrong, reread the passage and then answer the questions again, and again if needed until they answer it correctly. As the teacher, I can easily log onto the web site and view what the children have done and the types of comprehension skills they need to work on. A trend as been that we need to work on compare and contract. This then guides my whole group lessons or allows me to make groups based on specific need. One more VERY useful tool to drive instruction and allow guided practice on an individual level.

App of the week March 23rd:
I asked Joe Blough to make this app for our students. You will never hear, "I can't find my coins," again. This app allows my students to use math manipulatives to solve problems using money, counters, pattern blocks, base ten block, and an analogue clock. Worth having!

 App of the week March 3rd:
Educreations is an interactive white board app. It allows you to access the internet, your camera as well as the camera roll. I use it regularly to take a picture of the math page we are doing so that I can write over it as I walk around the room assisting children. I also use it as another teacher in the room during station work. View a sample lesson: educreations light lesson 

YouTube Video

App of the week Feb 24th:
 Safari Montage is a web based program that lets teachers choose videos that pertain to the Common Core Standard that they are teaching and show them to their class via their iPad or through the computer. It also allows teachers and students to upload their own video for safe student viewing. Every one of my students will access the safari montage app on their iPad to view a file that I made called "listening to reading" to support fluency and comprehension. Every beginning and transitional reader should listen to reading every day. The "listening to reading" safari file is available through my web site as a link on my student ipads. It will become available for viewing at home as well. Safari Montage Chelsea
Click this link for everything you need to know about Safari Montage: https://sites.google.com/a/chelsea.k12.mi.us/safari-montage-csd/ 
(created by Eric Robinson)

App of the week Feb 4th:
Explain Everything is an app that, for me, replaces power point. This week the children will be using this app to make a series of slides that tell about the animal they have been studying for their animal report. I have in mind many other uses for this app; story retellings, book reports, how-to writing pieces, etc. I have also been making lesson for the kids (like Lucy Calkins lesson on writing powerful endings) and saving them to my google drive and then sharing the file with my students so that they can view the mini lesson in their Google drive. This way students can access the lesson any time they need it. This app presents us with many ways to showcase our knowledge! 

App of the week Jan 14th:
 Quick Voice. This app allowed s the kids to record themself reading a passage from a story or a poem and then play it back so that they can listen to themselves reading. We do this to work on fluency. Fluency is reading with our E.A.R.S. (expression, accuracy, rate and smoothness). The children read the assigned text three times and with each reading they record the time in which they read the passage as well as rate themselves on their smoothness and expression. We will soon begin to focus on accuracy (reading only the words in the text-not adding in or skipping over words) as part of fluency. We have already noticed that repeated readings of a given text helps us to become more fluent readers!
App of the week Dec 15th:
 Jan Brett's, The Night Before Christmas, is the perfect app for our Jan Brett author study. It also fits the season! This app includes a reading of the story to music as well as an 'about the author' section with Jan Brett herself. It taught us a lot about being writers and illustrators in second grade.
App of the Week Dec 3rd:
Spelling City With the app, Spelling CIty, the children will be able to find the spelling lists that I have saved for them to play a game, take a practice test or learn their words. This is also a web site so an app is not necessary to use this resource at home. Just click on the picture to go to my spelling city page.
  App of the Week Nov. 12th: 
 We really enjoyed taking pictures of our written work and making an iBook out of it on Scribble Press. We also made a book of our "favortie things" in Scribble Press this week. The kids emailed their iBooks to me and I then emailed them to the class so that we would have each others books in our iBooks bookshelf! Great fun! I will be emailing them to families so that they can be added to their iBooks at home, read online or ordered (hard copies can be ordered online as well). Look in the the videos sections to see our authors celebration iBook style! Check out our iBooks in the iBook link above.
I created a group so that you can view our class books in Scribble Press. http://ebooks.scribblepress.com/group.php?created=1&g=C2DGPGT9

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