School Social Workers .............Helping Schools, Students, Families and Communities   

Some students struggle to achieve academic success due to social, emotional and behavioral difficulties.  School Social Workers help these students through early intervention, prevention, counseling and support.  We connect families, schools and communities to promote student success.

Helping SCHOOLS:
  • Meet educational goals of students from diverse backgrounds
  • Understand how students are impacted by cultural, economic and other factors
  • Identify students' unmet needs
  • Work effectively with parents
  • Implement policies to address school safety, school attendance, crisis response and child abuse & neglect

  • Obtain academic, social and emotional support
  • Become resilient, successful learners
  • Cope in times of crisis
  • Gain personal and social competencies

  • Participate effectively in their children's education
  • Understand educational and developmental needs of their child
  • Access school and community resources
  • Strengthen parenting skills
  • Understand CHCCS policies


Your School Social Workers

919-968-3473 ext. 38271

919-968-3473 ext. 38271

Our office is located in the basement of 
Glenwood Elementary School