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   I am so delighted to be back teaching art at Seawell again this year.
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This year our district is using a new report card. Gone are the checks, pluses, and minuses.  We now have to give numbers, 1,2,3,4; just like the classroom teachers. Also like the classroom teachers, these numbers are based on student's proficiencies compared to  curriculum standards.
Here are the Visual Literacy standards as they are expressed on the new report card: Uses art vocabulary and language; applies creative & critical thinking skills; creates art using a variety of tools, media & processes; understands cultural contexts; understands interdisciplinary connections & uses critical analysis.
Here is the breakdown for the numbers:
4    Exceeding Grade Level Standards
3     Meeting Grade Level Standards
2     Approaching Grade Level Standards
1     Developing Toward Grade Level Standard 

ART to see in the AREA

Now showing on the grounds of the North Carolina Museum of Art !!!!

Hoppy Hour: Old-School Hip-Hoppy Hour featuring SPCLGST

WHAT HAVE OUR STUDENTS BEEN LEARNING ABOUT IN ART?HOW DO ART & MATH CONNECT?  Student created a wristband with a pattern; a pattern that came from math; place value.  Students selected a color for the decimal point (and commas to divide the following)  the ones, the tens, and the hundreds.  Students beaded their patterns. Fourth and fifth grades also chose a color for tenths, hundredths, & thousandths.  Kindergarteners created patterns using 'lickem-stickems'. Patterns could be A,B; ABC or even ABCD. ( go to First Nine Weeks 2016-7 Subpage link is at the bottom of this page for more information)


 In our school district, the elementary art teachers and the school specials teachers are meeting and working on how to implement all the new changes in a way that makes sense. At this beginning stage, it may be hard for all of us to agree what the evidence would look like for each of the numbers .

It is important to note, that  behavior is no longer part of the new grading system. We hope you can be patient with us, as we learn how best to use this new system.

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