Principal's Message                            

View the video messages from Principal DuBose here!
Principal DuBose

Mark Your Calendar                                   

26-30 Spring Break
2 Regular School Day (makeup snow day)
4 Seawell Family Science Night, 5:30-7:30pm
5 SIT Meeting, 7:55am
6 FORT Meeting, 8:00am
11 PTA Meeting, 8:00am
16-20 FORT Monthly Food Drive
17-20 Spring Scholastic Book Fair
18 FORT Global Traditions Family Night, 5:15-7:30pm
19 Regular School Day (no delayed opening)
3 SIT Meeting
4  Folkmoot 2018

Be Safe! Drive Slow! 

There is no need for speed!

We want to remind parents to be mindful of all our families. Here are a few helpful tips: 
  • Please use the carpool lane to drop-off your children. (And not the bus area.)
  • Carpool begins at 7:25.
  • Please drive carefully and slowly through our parking lots. 
  • Please have your children exit the car on the curbside in the car rider line. Cars may be passing on the left-side.
  • It is best not to be using your cellphone while in the car rider line, particularly when you are moving.
  • Please stay in your car if you are in carpool line. If you need to get out, please park. 
There are small children, filled with excitement going to school and coming home from school.  Let's embrace that happiness and be safe!

PTA President's Message                                        

Hello! I am very pleased to be writing my first letter to you all as co-President of the PTA. Samantha Mann and I are still transitioning through the process of taking over. As you well know, it takes two of us to replace Riza!

By the time this newsletter goes out we will have just had the St. Patrick's Day dance. I hope we are also finally seeing the start of Spring weather -- the campus looks so lovely when everything starts turning green again.

There is a lot to look forward to this Spring and a lot of activities that we at the PTA will need your help with! We have a number of pressing concerns.

1. A small group of us representing the PTA met with Principal DuBose and the Specials team to learn more about the decision to end Folkmoot. We found out this is something that the entire team of specials teachers has been discussing for over a year now. By popular demand, the PTA has offered to see if we can help bring it back. Please send Sam and/or myself an email if you would like to be involved in this process. It cannot happen without your help!

2. The critter corner is in serious need of more family volunteers. I see many posts mentioning how wonderful it is that we have it -- and it is entirely volunteer run. Please contact Gary Baum or Kelly Peek if you are able and willing to help out. There are a lot of ways you can help!

3. Springtime also means time to determine who the new members of our SIT Team will be. (Each year two members cycle off, and we need to provide you all with an opportunity to select your new representatives.) This is a request for volunteers for a nominating committee and also a request that you consider serving on the board!

As ever, please let us know if you have any questions or would like to volunteer for any other committees.


Lisa Tulchin & Samantha Mann

PTA Co-Presidents and