Belgian Exchange 2019

Belgian Exchange 2019 Traveling team: 

Bonne Rentrée!  

Meeting TBA after school to create a Belgian Exchange room for Global Connections 

Save the date:  Parent meeting for traveling students:  Dec 13, 7-8pm in the media center 

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Information from previous trips: 

Traveling Team- Belgium 2017

Ready to start writing your rough draft thank you note to your host family?  Click here for some expressions. 

Click here to learn more about Flo Memories...he was  our AWESOME guide in Normandy...please consider contributing to his dream of honoring AMERICAN WWII veterans in Normandy. 

Links to Learn

Please read All the Light we Cannot see 

We will stay in a hotel within the walled city of Saint Malo and retrace Marie-Laure's steps- set during WWII.

 Belgian Exchange 2016___________
Activities while our guests are in Chapel Hill  
Shared Journey - article by Robin McMahon 
Host family Information 

Belgian Exchange 2015 

Please upload your photos here - to share

Facebook: Getting to Know Europe 

A Dance for our Belgian friends....

Saint-Benoit  Saint-Servais:

44, Rue Lambert-le-Begue, 4000 Liege

Tel: 04/232.40.70     04/223.59.65

Ms White's ppts: 

Some good French videos to prepare your ear: 

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another one: @rmcmah01
Facebook: Getting to Know Europe 
Saturday sessions: for learning and for fun! 
Mar. 07    10-1pm (bring $5 for pizza ) 
Letters for excused absences; 

By Feb 7 - have an inquiry topic chosen w/ some research: 
Here are some suggestions - click here   fill out this document-click here and bring to Feb 7th's meeting. 

Now that most everyone is signed up, we need to work TOGETHER to raise $8,000 for students who need extra funding and for teachers who will need some help w/ paying for their substitutes while we travel. Here are ways you can help: 
Thank you to everyone who helped with the Walk for Education and our Belgian Exchange exhibit for Global Connections. 

Curriculum Goals 

Thematic routes for the Louvre

Students: Please respond to a post or two on our Getting to Know Europe website: NC to Normandy: click here

Belgium 2013

Let's learn about Issues in Finance and Economies 
from Dr. John Pringle, UNC's Professor Emeritus of Finance and Smith Middle school's favorite visiting prof! 

Nos hotels: 
Paris: Citadines 
Effort and Excellence group hotel in BrusselsIBIS Brussels Center

Notre ecole d'accueil: Saint-Benoit Saint-Servais
Ecole maternelle - lisez l'histoire

See below for more information

  • Curriculum choices - choose your top two projects for Europe Day 
  • Here are the dates for meetings Dec- Mar. Please put them on your calendar. 
  • Please see how you can support  this fund-raiser we will attend on March 24th at Saint-Benoit Saint-Servais 
  • Watch and take notes on two projects below:         bioMerieux and Paris - thanks to the 8th graders who created this project. 
  • 9th graders stay tuned for your project in Jan. 
Prezi on bioMerieux

Information for 2013 Trip
Please leave a thank you to bioMerieux on my Getting to Know Europe website- click here 

Important forms:  September 
Please fill out this survey by Sept 30
Student information form - bring to Oct 19 meeting - include photo and letter to host family written in ink and very neat
Chaperone form - bring in as soon as possible 
Itinerary in Belgium: French/ English 
Itinerary in France with Prometour 
High school letters:  ECHHS    CHHS

Please watch two amazing videos - the first one shows you the beaches of Normandy; the second is about "A Widow's Journey for Reconciliation". Tell me how both videos make you feel and what you want to do when we go to Normandy.  

Here is information on our exchange April 3-13th.  

Article on exchange: Chapel Hill News - Randy Young  
Our friends arrived home safely early this morning. 
UN GRAND MERCI to each and every one of you! 
Please check out the pics that I took and also shared by a few parents - please send me pics to add and leave a comment on the blogs: le blog des Belges 

Pics from Belgian exchange 2012:

Interest form for traveling to France and Belgium March 2013 

Let us think about our friends in Liege
article on attack Tuesday, Dec. 13
article -CNN - Wednesday, Dec 14

Thanks to the European Union our program continues.....
Belgium 2011 
Visit to Chapel Hill  April 3-13, 2012
Leave a comment on the Belgian blog  

  • 11 years/ 10 exchanges 
  • sister school: Saint -Benoit Saint- Servais
  • 2011 trip to France and Belgium pictures       
  •  2010 spring exchange - great time together thanks to the volcano!  
  • See video link below for UNC TV's documentary  of the March 2009 trip to France and Belgium 

  • Watch a UNC -TV documentary produced by Rob Holliday in 2009 as he traveled with us to France and Belgium.  This program has been nominated for an EMMY and will be announced late November. 

    Below is a "Thank you to the European Union" slideshow that hBighlights what students learned on the 2009 trip to France and Belgium.  

    Our Sister School: 


    Fun songs to learn in French: 
    American and Belgian students sing 
    Ensemble on stage in Liege
    Information on 2015 trip
    click here for curriculum choices

    Inside View of our Exchange program:  videos by Rob Holliday. 

    To see a UNC TV Documentary of our exchange program in France and Belgium, click here

    · Story one: Traveling abroad

    · Story two: The European Union and Brussels

    · Story three: Life with a host family

    · Story four: A Profile of Liege, Belgium

    · Story five: Visiting a Belgian school

    Belgium 2010 - Belgians visiting Chapel Hill UNC TV

    UNC TV podcasts from 2009-2010

    Learn Ensemble - we will sing it on stage at 
    Saint-Benoit Saint-Servais!! 

    Thank You to The European Union Slideshow: Belgian’s trip from Raleigh, North Carolina, United States to 6 cities including Paris, Brussels, Chapel Hill, Liège and Bastogne was created by TripAdvisor. See another United States slideshow. Take your travel photos and make a slideshow for free.

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