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Why is it important to learn a 2nd language?
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Here is a page with a lesson plan and activities to connect Dr. King's values to the mission of the European Union - in French.  Click here 

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Quick information for what this program needs. Flyer
Visit my blog for the dance the Belgians performed at the going-away party :-))) as well as  the BESt video on Paris ...and Normandy - leave a comment svp ;-))).

EU Anthem sung in Latin 

WWII podcasts:

Getting ready for Europe Day: 
The EU: What's it all about?
Les langues de l'UE

Please take this survey to compare cultures! 
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caroline2012.wordpress.com- le blog des Belges 

Pics from Belgian exchange 2012:

Projects for Presentation
French I's Prezi on The European Union 

Liege, Belgique et Saint-Benoit Saint-Servais! 

Carnaval around the world   (grace a Jaryn) 
States       9:15-10:15 in the auditorium 
Access to NFE online review : Legrandconcours 
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Let us think about our friends in Liege
article on attack Tuesday, Dec. 13
article -CNN - Wednesday, Dec 14

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GlobeWatch - this is a video highlighting Smith students' 2009 trip to France and Belgium. Please watch

Leave your comment about the letters from Belgium and 9/11 on my voicethread: http://smseuroex.blogspot.com
Yummy video: Veronique preparing a crepe: .here she is preparing one
Grammar/speaking Practice
I 7th period:  Lecture en francais
Vocabulaire pour la television/cinema    

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Le Pelican           Prononciation          Foods
                           Nombres                 Games/Vocab in French

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This is a fun site to learn new vocabulary and practice pronunciation http://www.digitaldialects.com/French.htm

Information on Belgian Exchange 

Please visit the links below to learn about our Belgian Exchange program which completed its 9th exchange this spring. Our sister school is Saint-Benoit Saint-Servais in Liege, Belgium. 
UNC TV documentary of 2009 trip to France and Belgium: 
The  2007 and 2009 Belgian Exchange experiences were largely funded through the European Union http://europa.eu
Learn about Europe Day and EU events at Smith:
Read articles from students who have traveled since 2006 on my Euro-talk Blog: 
For LOTS of pictures from the March 09 trip to France (Paris and Normandy) and Belgium, please see the albums at this site: 

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Aout a Paris Slideshow: La prof’s trip from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States to Paris, France was created by TripAdvisor. See another Paris slideshow. Take your travel photos and make a slideshow for free.

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