Welcome to First Grade!!!

We are fully into spring now!  While the weather is beautiful, it doesn’t always treat us beautifully!  If your child has allergies, please make sure that they take their medication at home or send it with a note for the nurse.  With all the warm sunshine, some may get too much love from the sun, if you are worried about your child getting too much sun, please put sunscreen on them.        

Spring sports are in full swing and we know that schedules become busy, please make sure that your child is getting enough rest.  We still have lots to learn!  Looking forward to a great 4th quarter! 

Meet the 1st Grade Team:

Mrs. Bernasconi 
1st grade teacher Rm. 102
919 918 2160 ext. 22102

Mrs. Harris
1st grade teacher Rm. 104
919 918 2160 ext. 22104

Ms. Robinson
1st grade teacher
919 918 2160 ext. 22411

Ms. Pegram
1st grade teacher Rm. 101
919 918 2160 ext. 22101

Mrs. Holmes
teacher assistant
919 918 2160 ext. 22112

Mrs. Flintall
teacher assistant
919 918 2160 ext. 22114

Ms. Foster
teacher assistant
919 918 2160 ext. 22431

Mr. Betts
teacher assistant
919 918 2160 ext. 22111

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