Outside Opportunities and Resources

This page is provided to share information about academic opportunites and resources from outside of our school system.  I encourage others to send me an email with information and links you may want to share here.  Inclusion on this page does not indicate a recommendation or endorsement of any specific program or organization and is provided for your information only.  Parents should carefully evaluate any programs or opportunities they are considering for their children. 
Chapel Hill PAGE (Partners for the Advancement of Gifted Education) is a nonprofit, volunteer-run organization of parents, educators, and others interested in suppporting and encouraging the development of gifted students.
Duke TIP offers many opportunities and resources for gifted students.  If you are interested in having your child participate in above-level testing, check out the seventh grade talent search.
NCAGT - North Carolina Associate for the Gifted and Talented, Inc. is an affiliate of the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC).


National Association of Gifted Children provides teachers and parents a quick way to find products and services that may be of use to them.


Davidson Institute For Talent Development offers support for gifted students and their families. Scholarships and summer programs are available.


Hoagies Gifted Education  is chock-full of resources for parents of gifted children.    


Alcumus is specifically designed to provide high-performing math students with a challenging curriculum appropriate to their abilities. Current features of Alcumus include:

Over 7,500 problems with solutions. Many of the problems are from major national math competitions such as MATHCOUNTS and the American Mathematics Competitions series of tests.
An intelligent learning system. As the student gets stronger, Alcumus automatically provides more challenging material, and conversely, if the student is having difficulty with a particular topic, Alcumus provides additional practice.
Detailed progress reports. Students can track their performance in various subjects, and revisit problems and lessons at any time.

Local chapters of The Daughers of the American Revolution and the Magna Carta Dames sponor an annual essay contest for local students with significant cash prizes.  The Sallie Michie Essay contest is a result of the generosity of the deceased Mrs. Michie and her strong desire to support local students as they gain knowledge and understanding of our country’s history, government and institutions, including the Constitution.

All fifth through twelfth grade students who reside in Orange County and that portion of Chatham County that lies north of US Highway 64 and east of NC Highway 87 are eligible to compete in the contest.