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Why Math is Taught Differently Now

Be sure to check out the wonderful elementary math resources from North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

Over the summer be sure to have your child continue practicing his/her basic facts.  Developing computational fluency is extremely important.  The expectations for fact fluency by the end of each grade are:

K - Add/subtract within 5
1 - Add/subtract within 10
2 - Add/Subtract within 20
3 - Multiply/divide within 100
4 - Maintain all basic facts ; Add/subtract within 1,000,000 (pencil and paper)
5 - Multi-digit multiplication (pencil and paper)

Information below will help you sign up for a free account with XtraMath.  XtraMath helps students practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and/or division facts.

Other Resources:
Illuminations: Interactives.  Select Common Core Math Standards from the top right and Interactives.

Bedtime Math  This fee site posts a new problem for children to discuss each night, just as they might engage in a story before bedtime.  Three levels address children at various ages: preschool, K-2nd, and 2nd grade and up.  Games and activities for Grades K-5.

Math Playground  Games and activities are aligned to Common Core Math Standards.  Choose a grade level to see how Math Playground can support your child.  This site also includes Thinking Blocks which helps kids practice drawing models for word problems.