Weekly Update September 8th
Hi! This week was short, but great! We continued practicing and discussing how to be respectful, responsible, and safe. Next week, we will be taking a few walking field trips to places in our community! Please check your child's orange folder tonight for those permission slips. 

Mark your calendars!! Our back to school festival will be Friday, September 15th! It is a fun time for ALL! There will be bounce houses, games, prizes, and food trucks. Bring the whole family out for a chance to get to know the Northside Navigator family. 

Reminder: If your child's afternoon transportation changes, for any reason, you need to let your classroom teacher and assistant know by 2pm that day. You can send a note in your child's orange folder or you can email us, when emailing please be sure to copy us both on the email! Thanks for helping us get your child home safely! See Meet The Teacher page for a list of teacher and assistant email addresses. 

Weekly Update September 1st 

Hi! We've had a great first week of school! We are excited to be back in the classroom thinking, learning, and growing together. Each week you will receive an email with weekly updates from me. This will include a little about what we are doing in each subject, important dates, and reminders for our class. I believe communication between home and school is very important and we can make a great team for your child's education. 

This week we have been working and will continue to work on what it means to be a responsible, respectful, and safe member of our class community and whole school community. At home you can reinforce this by reminding your student to wait patiently while someone else is talking, take responsibility for his or her actions with siblings or neighbors, and following all of your directions at home! 

If you are able to donate class snacks we are in need of some to stock our cabinet. If you are willing to donate to our class please check the label because we have multiple students who have an allergy to NUTS. Items sent in do not have to be individually wrapped. Thank you in advance!