Family Calendar for First Grade

Welcome to the Traditional First Grades at Carrboro Elementary! 
We'd thought we'd let incoming families know a little about how we are organized. Ms Greeson and Mrs. Murray are the classroom teachers.  The children are in two homerooms, the Sun Bears and the Grizzly Cubs.  The children start the day with their homeroom teacher and then after lunch go into the other teacher's classroom. During recess and lunch they are all together along with our two Dual Language classes.  Half way through the year we switch their morning so they start in the other teacher's classroom.  

Last year was the first year we tried this and we discovered it worked really well.  The children all got to know each other really well and we think we got to know them really well!  We are excited to do it again.   
 Practicing meeting our Classroom Expectation!
Ms Greeson and Mrs. Murray