Social Studies

**I utilize google classroom as a way to organize and run my class. All readings and assignments can be accessed there!**

Ms. Megan Stevenson
919-929-7161 x54001
room 400A

Content: This year we focus on laying a strong foundation of social studies knowledge as well as studying the Ancient World. We start with answering the question “What is social studies?” Afterwards we explore the beginnings of humanity and then follow the development, expansion, and decline of major civilizations around the world up to the year 1450 CE. As we delve into this content, we will have opportunities to participate in discussions, simulations, research, and debates. These learning activities will give you important lifelong skills and help you to understand why the world is the way it is today.

Our study will break down approximately into the following schedule:

Quarter 1: Foundational Knowledge - What is social studies?

Quarter 2: Dawn of Humanity and River Valley Civilizations

Quarter 3: Classical Civilizations

Quarter 4: Middle Age Civilizations and World Belief Systems

Homework: You will have homework 2 or 3 nights a week (almost never on Friday). Mostly your homework will involve preparing for map quizzes. While most of our projects will be completed in school, some of you may find it necessary to complete portions of this work at home.

Map Quizzes: It is important in social studies to understand where in the world we are talking about when studying different civilizations. To help with this, you will have a map quiz most Fridays during the school year. These quizzes will require you to learn the location of places on Earth. Each quiz will have 20 items for you to identify. Once you have taken a quiz twice, you will move on to the next map in the series. Study guides will be provided to you to help you prepare for each quiz.

Classwork: You are expected to complete all assignments given in class to the best of your ability. While I do not grade everything we do in class, I will occasionally collect an in class assignment for grading purposes. I will not always announce which assignments will be collected for grading and which will not. Therefore, you should always do your best work.

Corrections:  It is important to me that you master the material I am teaching you. Therefore I do allow graded tests and projects to be looked back over, corrected, and resubmitted. Corrected assignments can earn ½ credit back.  For example, a test score of 70% (70/100), if corrected, would become an 85% (85/100).

Grade Breakdown:

  • Tests/Projects - 40%

  • Classwork - 30%

  • Quizzes - 20%

  • Homework - 10%