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Bedtime - Multi level - Appropriate levels for K (Wee ones) - 5 (Big kids or The sky's the limit). Integrates literacy in as well.


Awesome youcubed tasks inspire, educate and empower students to solve very interesting math problems. "Low floor-High ceiling" problems that all students can do! - select a grade level


Greg Tang Math-Select games or resources: grade 1 and 2 focus on addition and subtraction; grades 3 and above can select multiplication or division)


NRICH (enriching mathematics) orange button is appropriate for grades 1 and 2; red button is appropriate for grades 3 and 4

NRICH problems:

  • aim to provide you with engaging mathematical activities.

  • hope to provoke you into mathematical thinking.

  • would love you to explore, question, notice and discuss.

Immerse yourself in the mathematics…


Illuminations Interactives - Be sure to select "Interactives" and "Common Core" from the menu bar on the right.


ABCya!-free educational kids computer games and activities for students to learn on the web. Choose your grade level and enjoy!


Johnnie's Math Page


E Is for EXPLORE-unique learning activities for students


30+ Things to Do with a Hundreds Chart


More Math!, a fun way to explore the wonder and beauty of math with puzzles, games, books, videos, and other mathy treats.


Math Board Game for Early Learners


Achi is a game played by the Asante people of Ghana that is similiar to tic-tac-toe. However, where tic-tac-toe ends when all the pieces have been placed, Achi continues as players move their pieces to adjacent spaces until a 3-in-a-row is formed. Download the free printable board game from MIND Research Institute!

Number of players: 2

Recommended ages: 6+

Time to play: Less than 5 minutes (but you'll want to play several games)

Math connections: Achi is structured to naturally lead to questions that can be resolved through logic and deduction. 

Math Board Game for Kids 8+


This centuries-old game is traditionally played by the Dakarkari people in what is now the Sokota State region of Nigeria. Players take turns placing their pieces on the board, then move pieces in an attempt to form rows of three. When a player forms a row of three, they get to remove one of the opponent's pieces. Download the free printable board game from MIND Research Institute!

Number of players: 2

Recommended ages: 8+

Time to play: 20 minutes

Math connections: Dara is an ancestor of chess, sharing a focus on deductive reasoning and multi-step problem solving.


Games at PBS Kids

You can pair these online games with math activities for early childhood.

  • Animal Lost and Found: Help owners find their lost pets! Count eyes, ears and other body parts in this match game for preschool and kindergarten.

  • Building Sandcastles: Ready to play in the sand and practicing learning shapes for preschoolers and kindergartners? Match the shapes of wet sand with their outlines to build different sandcastles.

  • Let’s Tessellate: Choose a shape and a color and then tessellate! See your shape repeat again and again to make a beautiful pattern in this fun tessellation math game.

  • Pattern Matcher: In these fun pattern games for kindergarten and preschool, silly pictures make patterns that repeat. Can you find the patterns that repeat the same way?

  • Time to Move: Help move these fish to their new homes with this measurement game for kids! Which fish move where? Catch and measure each fish to find out.

  • Gracie and Friends Early Math Apps

  • Free Gracie and Friends series of mobile apps with titles like Birthday Café, Lemonade Stand, and Jungle Gym. Kids can explore games that teach two key concepts for early math learning: subitizing (learning to “see how many” objects without counting each one), and equipartitioning (learning how to divide objects into equal pieces).