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Important Dates:

Wednesday, January 24: Gatorific

Monday, Feb. 12 - Te21 Testing (Math)

Tuesday, Feb. 13 - Te21 Testing (Reading)

Wednesday, Feb. 14 - Valentine's Day Exchange

Thursday, Feb. 15 - Delayed Opening

Monday, Feb. 19 - Make-Up Day

Friday, Feb. 23 - Dress as Something You Like Day; Portfolios due back; Progress Reports sent home

Creating Marble Runs to explore distance and relative speed:


Gator Communicators were distributed on Friday. These folders contain important information that should be reviewed. Forms or papers that are due back to the school may be returned via this folder. Gator Communicators will typically go home on Friday and should be returned to school the following Monday. Report cards, reading information, and quarter 2 portfolio items were located in this past week's Gator Communicator. I encourage parents to take time to reflect upon your child's progress: celebrate achievements and growth, and establish goals to strengthen areas needing improvement. Please return the signed report card envelope, along with the portfolio contents, to school once you have reviewed the items.

Students will have a Communication Folder in which they will bring to school each day, and take home each day. Students will write their daily homework in this folder for your reference. This folder is also used to transport homework to and from school, and is also an easy way to communicate with me via notes, etc.

Homework: In general, the third grade team will be flexible in administering homework. On some nights, students may have a few math problems to complete, on others, students may be conducting a short interview or written response. Homework will be an extension of learning experiences from the classroom, but will not necessarily be the same each day. What should students do for homework each day?  I encourage students to practice their multiplication facts (0-10) for mastery, and they should read for 20-30 minutes each night to build stamina and reading endurance. Students may also receive a reading log with a sheet to record their reading experiences, or a choice written response activities to complete.

Students will have a working snack each morning. Please encourage your child to bring a healthy, nutritious snack and to limit their snack to one choice per day.

Discussing traditional literature in a Paideia Seminar:

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