2nd qtr Health meets in the Health Room

Date          unit                                                                                Assessment  

8/26         First Day of school ..... Team Handouts and Procedures
8/27         Health Procedures
8/28         (2nd period assembly) What is Health?  Mental, Emotional, Social, and Physical Health
8/29         6.ICR.1.1 ,3.1 Working In groups 
8/30         6.ICR.1.1 Making Friends ( Introduction of the warm and Fuzzy chair )...WARM UP CHECK
9/2           Holiday
9/3           6.ICR.1.    Making Friends . Warm-ups Start for real
9/4           6.ICR.1.1  What is a ALLY
9/5           Wordle project
9/6                                                Warm-ups Due

PE Units for 1st qtr
Fitness Testing - PACER, push-up, curl-up, flexibility, trunk flexibility, height and weight
How to use a pedometer
Flag football taught using modified games
5 on 5 soccer
Ultimate Frisbee
Fitness room procedures

2nd qtr Health
Roles of bystanders 
Skits = assessment
Managing emotions
calming down strategies
problem solving
Fitness goals