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Week 8 Semester 2: 3/12-3/16

Monday- Firecracker- Rank the following organisms from 1- most genetically modified to 3- least genetically modified: cotton, corn, and soybeans

Tuesday- Firecracker- What word(s) come to mind when you think of the term “designer babies”?

Wednesday Firecracker -How are GMO and G.E. the same and different?

Thursday Firecracker- What is CRISPR? How is it used?

Friday Firecracker- Why are some people against changing the DNA of babies?

Show and practice Accountable talk moves and functions

Week 6-7 Semester 2: 3/5-3/9

Monday- Firecracker- Make a list of three things you still need to do with your project.

  • Finish Canva/ WeVideo/ Slides

  • Practice Presentations with Partner

Tuesday: Firecracker- How can you have an effective presentation using Canva or WeVideo?

    • Go over Presentation Guidelines- Professional Dress, etc.

    • Go over how to share projects to Google classroom- MUST be turned in to Google Classroom by 11:59

    • Finish Canva/ WeVideo/ Slides

    • Practice Presentations with Partner

Wednesday- Firecracker- What is the role of the audience in a presentation?

  • Groups PRESENT

  • Take notes on presentations

Thursday- Firecracker- Compare and contrast Lorenzo's life before and after his diagnosis?

  • Lorenzo's Oil clip

  • Homework- Bring breakfast food to class on Monday for an activity.

  • Read GMO Article (1) & GMO Article (2)

  • Draw an advertisement showing your side- Pro-Genetically Modified Food or Against Genetically Modified Food

Friday- Firecracker- Why do GMO's matter in your life?

  • Draw an advertisement showing your side- Pro-Genetically Modified Food or Against Genetically Modified Food

  • GMO Video Analysis- Talk about Video’s Purpose & Techniques used (Inform, Persuade, Entertain)

Week 5 Semester 2: 2/26-3/2

Monday:  Firecracker- What 3 words come to mind when you hear the words Genetic Disease? How can we relate the words “pedigree” and “genetic diseases” together?

  • Introduce Project- Show WeVideo/Canva

  • Assign Disease Projects (groups of 2)

  • Requirements of Disease Project- Rubric:  Canva, WeVideo, Google Slides

Tuesday:  Firecracker- What is one question you have about the Genetic Disease Project?

  • NoodleTools Review

  • WeVideo Pull out

  • Begin completion of...

  • End of Class Summary (last 5 minutes!)- 1 thing you accomplished today, 1 goal you have for tomorrow

Wednesday:   Firecracker- What is the difference between the words symptom and diagnosed?

Thursday:  Firecracker- Is your genetic disease inherited? If so, how? If not, how do you get it?

  • Continue working on project using Rubric for guide

  • End of Class Summary- 1 thing you accomplished today, 1 goal you have for tomorrow!

Friday:  Firecracker- How are genetic diseases affecting the lives of those diagnosed?

  • Finish Canva/ WeVideo/ Slides

  • Turn in BOTH to Google Classroom by the end of class

  • Practice Presentations with Partner


Week 4 Semester 2: 2/19-2/23

Monday- Firecracker- What is a purpose of a family tree?

Tuesday- Firecracker- What does a horizontal versus a vertical line on a pedigree represent?

Wednesday- Firecracker-Draw a Punnett Square and a pedigree that shows all of the possible offspring for two heterozygous carrier parents (Hint: 4 kids).

Thursday- TEST- Firecracker- Create a sentence that correctly uses meiosis, mitosis, fertilization, and budding.

  • Test on Google Form- make sure to clear responses

Friday- Firecracker-  What are some facial traits that make celebrities famous?

Week 3 Semester 2: 2/12-2/16

Monday- Firecracker- When a heterozygous parent reproduces with another heterozygous parent, then what the possible genotypes for their offspring (child)?

Tuesday- Firecracker-  Draw a Punnett square. Divide the Punnett square into four equal parts. Shade in 75% of the Punnett square.

Wednesday- Firecracker- Show a Punnett square depicting the offspring of two HETEROZYGOUS parents (H). What is the probability of each genotype?

Thursday- Firecracker- How can a dog be considered a purebred dog?

Friday- FIrecracker- True or False- Heterozygous genotypes are considered to be purebred.

  •  Purebred Puppy Challenge Continued

  • WIN Registration for Absent Students

Week 2 Semester 2: 2/5-2/9

Monday- Firecracker- How can recessive traits be found in high numbers in a population? Article

  • Spongebob genetics

  • Gummi Bears Lab

Tuesday- Firecracker- What are the 10 levels of the hierarchy of multi-celled organisms from largest to smallest in size (without looking at your notes!)?

  • Google classroom group presentation for study guide review

  • Quiz Study Guide- Go over together as a class!

  • Marvin the Martian challenge problems

Wednesday- Firecracker- Use the following words in 2 sentences: Mitosis, meiosis, sexual and asexual reproduction, budding and fertilization.

Thursday- Firecracker-If 10 out of 30 students in a class can roll their tongue, then what percentage of the class can NOT roll their tongue?

Friday- Firecracker- If a the trait for tasting PTC paper is dominant will I still be able to taste it if I am heterozygous? Explain.

Week 1 Semester 2: 1/29-2/2

Monday- Firecracker- Firecracker-Describe a trait of this animal.

Tuesday- Firecracker- Firecracker- Create one inherited and one acquired trait a human could have.

Wednesday- Firecracker-  Long hair is dominant to short. What is the genotype of a heterozygous organism?

Thursday- Firecracker- How can two short haired cats have a long haired kitten?

Friday-  Firecracker- How does flipping a coin represent probability in the Baby Making Lab?

Week 17.5: 1/9-1/12

Monday- Firecracker- Give an example of a specialized cell within the body. What system does it belong to?

Tuesday- Firecracker- How are structures and functions used to show the hierarchy of an organism?

  • Hierarchy Simulation

    • 1 organism (2)

    • 2 systems (4)

    • 3 organs (6)

    • 5-7 Tissues (14)

    • 9-15- Cells (30)

  • Study Guide
    • Pull out Notes:

      • Plant vs. Animal Cell Notes

      • Single-celled Organism Notes

      • Body System Cornell Notes

Wednesday-Firecracker- Which part(s) can an organism lose in the hierarchy and still be able to function?

  • Study Guide work time parts II & III
  • Practice Test 1

Thursday- Firecracker- How can you tell if a cell is a plant or animal cell?

    • Develop Word Search Clues for these 15 words based on information found within the notes
    • Place words within Word Search Grid
  • Check Study Guide
  • Practice Test 2

Friday- Firecracker- No written Firecracker. Get your correct computer out of cart.

  • Quarter 2 Test

Week 17: 1/2-1/5

Tuesday- Firecracker- What is one New Year’s resolution you should make for science for the rest of the year?

Wednesday-Firecracker- How can you be successful in your science New Year's resolution?

Thursday- Firecracker- Give an example of a specialized cell within the body. What system does it belong to?

  • Re-ordering of Hierarchy on Graphic Organizer (flow chart)

  • Assign Body Systems & Rough Draft of Hierarchy

Friday- Firecracker- How did we apply the structures and functions of various body systems in order to reflect the hierarchy of multi-celled organisms?

  • Final charting of Body Systems Hierarchy with illustrations

  • Present Hierarchy Chart to classmates

Week 16: 12/18-21

Monday- Firecracker- How did you hypothesize what disease your patient from Friday had?

  • Introduce Patient Case Studies Assignment- Assign groups their patient( #3-8!

    • First Visit Information

Tuesday-  Firecracker- What other information will you need about your patient in order to make the diagnosis?

  • Patient’s 2nd Visit Information

    • Add information to chart

  • Swap patients and derive alternative diagnosis- must be able to defend diagnosis

Wednesday- Firecracker- In general, what are some treatment options doctors can use to treat certain conditions or diseases?

  • Present Google Slideshows

Thursday- Firecracker- What is one thing you are looking forward to doing over your holiday break?

  • Firecracker Check!

  • Present Patient’s Symptoms, Systems Affected, Diagnosis, & Treatment Plan to the Class- Google Slides

  • Body systems Kahoot

Friday- OUT for Holiday break!

Week 15: 12/11-12/15

Monday- Firecracker- How does your assigned system connect or work together with at least ONE other system?

Tuesday- Firecracker- How does our skeletal system connect to our circulatory system?

  • X-word finish, then game prep. &/or game trial

  • Play Games

  • Cornell Notes- left side of paper- develop questions/ identify main ideas

Wednesday- Firecracker- Predict which body system would an octopus out of water need?

  • Body Systems Flipbook Due!

  • Play Games

  • Cornell Notes- left side of paper- develop connections & identify main ideas

Thursday- Firecracker- Why is building more muscle mass not advantageous?

  • Play Games

  • Cornell Notes- left side of paper- develop questions/ identify main ideas

Friday- Firecracker- How do doctor’s diagnose patients with certain conditions or illnesses? (Diagnose: to identify an illness or problem)

Week 14: 12/4-12/8

Monday-Firecracker- Google Form

Tuesday-  Firecracker- Of the 9 systems from yesterday, which one are you the most familiar with? Which one are you most unfamiliar with?

  • Assign each group a system- Fact check with Body Book

  • Groups teach out the Notes (colored paper use doc cam)- Discuss and organize as a whole class- Body System Cornell Notes (pg 3)

Wednesday- Firecracker- What is the function for your group’s assigned body system?

  • Create game:  Assign group roles:  Students 1-2: Q & A generators/game rule creators, Students 3-4: Illustrators/Game rule creators

    • Introduction of games (Games:  bingo, Jeopardy, trivia (board game- Candyland/ Chutes & ladders), memory word/picture match, heads up- crossword puzzle:  Summary of each game type and write game instructions

      • How do you play?

    • Assign game & show system requirements page!

Thursday- Delayed Opening- Firecracker- What makes a game fun to play?

  • Create game rules 1st

  • Create game Q & A

Friday- Firecracker- Create a list of things you still need to do to finish your game.

Week 13: 11/27-12/1

Library- Monday 11/27- Firecracker- In 5 words or less, how could you describe single-celled organisms?

  • Introduce the EQ- discuss key words

  • Infographic Intro- Canva- Mr. Bales

    • Set-up account

    • Create a Practice Poster- Brain Eating Amoeba

Library-Tuesday 11/28- Firecracker- What should be your main priority when creating an informative digital poster?

Library- Wednesday 11/29- Firecracker-(Google Form)

  • Continue Infographic- Information Only

  • Cite sources with NoodleTools

Classroom- Thursday 11/30- Firecracker- What steps will you need to complete today in order to finish up your digital poster?

  • Continue Digital Poster- All Information must be complete before images are attached

Classroom- Friday 12/1- Firecracker-Why would it be important to educate the public on the significance of single-celled organisms?

  • Discuss Firecracker & link it back to the EQ

  • Single Celled Organism Droodle

  • Turn in infographic via link and link it on Google Classroom

  • Practice giving constructive feedback using an example infographic

    • 2 Glows & 1 Grow- MUST BE SPECIFIC!

  • Share Infographics and give constructive feedback to peers

Week 12.5: 11/20-11-21

Monday 11/21- Firecracker- Give an example of how to use accountable talk to discuss YOUR argument.

Tuesday 11/22- Firecracker- What is one thing you are looking forward to doing on your break?

Week 12: 11/13-11/17

Monday- Firecracker-True or False- An organism that is made up of only one cell can lead to the death of a human.

  • Introduce EQ- Break down and underline important words

  • View and classify/characterize single-celled organisms under the microscopes (4 specimens- 8 total stations)

Tuesday- Firecracker- Describe one thing you observed yesterday when viewing the specimens under the microscope.

Wednesday- Compare and contrast how amoebas and paramecium get food.

Thursday- Firecracker- Identify a special structure in each of the 4 single-celled organisms?

    • Check HW Flipbook

    • Show BEA and Malaria Videos

    Giardia website for case study #3

Friday- Firecracker- How does the treatment of malaria differ from the treatment of a brain eating amoeba?

  • Check Firecrackers

  • Survivor Story of BEA Video

    • Begin constructing C,E,R Argument- Question- Which single-celled organism (Brain Eating Amoeba or Malaria Plasmodium) has had a greater impact on human life? OR  Should students learn about single-celled organisms including BEA and Plasmodiums in school?

Week 11: 11/6-11/10

Monday- Firecracker- What process do plants undergo that animals do not? Why do plants need to complete this process?

Tuesday- NO SCHOOL- Parent-Teacher Conferences!

Wednesday- Firecracker- How could you tell the difference between a plant or an animal cell when looking at the cell with a microscope?

Thursday- Firecracker-Which organelles do plant cells have that animal cells do not? Why do plant cells need these organelles?

Friday 11/11- NO SCHOOL- Veterans day!

Week 10: 10/30-11-3

Monday- Firecracker- How do scientists view or observe objects that are too small to be seen with the human eye?

Tuesday- Firecracker-How old is too old to dress up and go trick-o-treating?

  • Graph Firecracker results for the class

  • Microscope 101

Wednesday- Firecracker- How have microscopes changed science? Explain.

  • Introduce the EQ & define cell

    • Show the size of the cell

  • View slides on Eyepiece Microscope vs. Digital Microscope

  • Comparing Microscopes Activity

Thursday- May out for PD- Firecracker- If your microscope specimen is unclear how could you troubleshoot (fix) the problem?

    • Label Diagrams of each type of microscope with various parts

    • Define “cell” and “organelle”

    • Microscope Letter to a Friend

Friday- Firecracker-What steps would you need to take in order to view a slide with a digital microscope under the medium power?

  • Plant vs. Animal Cell Arguments on Microscopes

Week 9: 10/23-10/27

Monday- Firecracker- What is one question you have about the project?

  • Share out proposals with group and decide on a design

  • Start construction of simple machine

  • Project Log- Day 3- 10 Minutes!

Tuesday - Firecracker-How can you make your device launch your object further?

Wednesday- Firecracker- What energies are acting on your marshmallow to get it to launch?

  • Test Trials for Machines & Public Trial Talk

  • Project Log- Day 5- 10 Minutes!

Thursday-Firecracker- What was one success you had with your machine yesterday? What was one area needing improvement or change?

  • Re-build and tweak Machine based on trials!

  • Project Log- Day 6- 10 Minutes!

Friday- End of the 1st Quarter- Firecracker- On a scale of 1 (poorly) to 10 (very well), how well did you think your group worked together? Why?

  • Grade Firecracker

  • Olympic Competitions

  • Project Log- Day 7- 10 Minutes!

Week 8: 10/16-10/20

Monday - Firecracker- Why do we like machines?

Tuesday- Firecracker- Draw a picture of a box being pulled up an inclined plane. How does it make work easier?

Wednesday - Firecracker- Why do some holiday lights go out if one light does not work?
  • Finish Cornell Summaries

  • Folding Frayer Models for Series &  Parallel Circuits

Thursday- Firecracker- Compare and contrast series and parallel circuits?
Friday- Firecracker- What household materials would you use if you were trying to launch a marshmallow in the air?

Week 7: 10/9-10/14

Monday- Firecracker - What green energy did you select for your city and is the technology needed to create it?

  • Handout Energy, Work, and Power Study Guide- Due Wednesday 10/11

  • Create an illustration of your city’s green energy plant and illustrate/describe how energy is processed from the source potential, to kinetic, to electrical energy. (Chart paper & markers!)

Tuesday- Firecracker- Draw or give an example of a pendulum.

Wednesday-Firecracker- Draw a pendulum and explain the transfer of energy from PE to KE.

Thursday- Firecracker- Why is the first hill of a roller coaster the highest?

Friday- Firecracker- How can I generate more power in my step-ups and push-ups?

Week 6: 10/2-10/6

Monday- Firecracker- What does it mean to have potential?

1. Cornell Notes with Actively Learn Article- “Energy”

2. Definition column only on Types of Energy G.O.

Tuesday -Firecracker- Give an example of how energy is transformed from PE to KE.

1.  Create a transfer of energy (PE,KE,ME) comic strip with at least 3 slides (5 AIG) with speech bubbles

2. Types of Energy G.O. (Examples & Pictures)

Switch groups

  1. Share out and discuss comic strip

  2. Create a 3-slide comic strip (potential & kinetic)

Wednesday- Firecracker- Make a sentence or two connecting these terms: Potential, Kinetic, Electrical energy,

  • Assessment prompt- Add Bow & Arrow with labeled transfer of energy

  • World Energy Summit- Research Doc

    • Assign students a city throughout the world- 6 Cities:

      • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

      • Wellington, New Zealand

      • Mawsynram, India

      • Aswan, Egypt

      • St. John's, Canada

      • Tutunendo, Colombia

    • CER planning sheet- Students make a claim as to how to best power their city using a sustainable energy source.

    • Students research their city with city group to determine best form of energy

Thursday-Firecracker- Justify the type of energy to use. (200 sunny days, 100" rain, 20 mph winds)

  • World Energy Summit- Day 2

  • Presentation Skills & Norms

Friday- Firecracker-Identify key skills in an engaging presentation.

  • Energy Summit Presentations

Week 5: 9/25-9/29

Monday Firecracker- How do we define motion? What formula do we use to measure motion?

Tuesday -Firecracker- How is the motion of an object affected by forces?

  • Finish Friction Lab & Questions

  • Time to work on Study Guide

  • Practice Test

  • Haas pull out Interstellar Students last 10 minutes of class!

Wednesday- Firecracker- Draw a speed graph that shows a bicycle traveling 10 miles per hour for 2 hours, resting for 1 hour, and then continuing on at a speed of 10 miles per hour.

Thursday 9/28-Firecracker-Have out a pencil and a piece of paper.  

  • Forces and Motion Test- On schoolnet!

Friday- Firecracker- How many minutes did you spend studying your study guide AFTER it was completed? A. 0-15 minutes, b. 15-30 minutes c. more than 30 minutes- BE HONEST!

  • Energy Pre-assessment- ONLINE! Google Form

  • Firecracker Check

  • Gigacoaster research

  • Fun Friday-Tug of War Challenge? May vs. Thompson

Week 4: 9/18-9/22

Monday Firecracker- Draw the three types of graphs we discussed.

  • Quiz Prep with Schoolnet code: LE8NU3

Tuesday- Firecracker-  True or False. I must always be touching the object in order to apply a force on that object.

Wednesday- Firecracker- Why is Vader(in this clip) unable to use “the force” to make objects move?

Thursday- TWD- NO SCHOOL!

Friday-  Firecracker- What does it mean when a tug of war match is at a standstill?

Week 3: 9/11-9/15

Monday- Firecracker-You are walking down the street. Identify a good reference point for your walk.Explain why.

Tuesday- Firecracker-  What elements make up a line graph?

Wednesday- Firecracker- Draw a motion graph that shows a runner who ran at a constant speed for 20 seconds before taking a rest for 10 seconds.

Thursday 9/14- Firecracker- If there is a horizontal line on a motion graph, what does that indicate about the object’s motion? (Delayed Opening)

Friday- Firecracker- How would you have to change a ramp in order to make your car move at a quicker speed?

  • Firecracker Check

  • Car Speed Lab-

    • Build 1st Ramp and Sketch

    • Build 2nd Ramp and Sketch

    • Graphing each ramp

  • Fun Friday- Whiteboard multiple choice

Week 2: 9/5-9/8

Monday 9/5- Labor Day- No School

Tuesday 9/6- Firecracker- Set up a graph with all of it’s components (title, x & y axis labeled, data points)

  • NEEDS ASSESSMENT in the library BOTH SCIENCE Classes

  • Set up account on Everfi (bring earbuds Thursday)

Wednesday 9/7-  Firecracker- How can you tell if an object is moving? (have computers)

Thursday 9/8-  Firecracker- If a car is moving 150 miles in 2 hours. What is it's speed?

Friday 9/9-  Firecracker-How long will it take you to evacuate Key West, FL if you are going to Atlanta, GA(800 Miles) if your speed is 20mph?

    • Check and go over Speed Problems HW

    • Handout WIN Planning Forms & SHOW where to find course catalog

    • Walking Speed Lab

    Fun Friday- Pictionary cards

Week 1: 8/28-9/1

Monday- Set up Firecracker Sheet (Introduce beginning class routine)-

  • Firecracker- What is the one best thing you did this summer?

  • Get to know you form

  • Lockers- Locker Video (T:20-30min into class, M:30-40min into class)

    • Hand out lab contracts & course letter

  • KWL

Tuesday- Firecracker- What is your definition of respect?

Wednesday- Firecracker- List 6 hobbies that you have.

  • Finish Diverse Skills- Graphing Activity

  • Discussion of skills & ability to grow with a growth mindset and neuroplasticity (video)

Thursday- Firecracker- What is a step that a scientist takes in order to solve a problem?

  • Lab Safety Contract Due

  • Introduce Mystery Box Activity

Friday- Firecracker (Firecracker Check)- In case of a fire, tornado, or lockdown emergency, where would you go if you were in this room?

  • Finish Mystery Box Activity