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Week 4: 9/18-9/22

Monday Firecracker- Draw the three types of graphs we discussed.

  • Quiz Prep with Schoolnet code: LE8NU3

Tuesday- Firecracker-  True or False. I must always be touching the object in order to apply a force on that object.

Wednesday- Firecracker- Why is Vader(in this clip) unable to use “the force” to make objects move?

Thursday- TWD- NO SCHOOL!

Friday-  Firecracker- What does it mean when a tug of war match is at a standstill?

Week 3: 9/11-9/15

Monday- Firecracker-You are walking down the street. Identify a good reference point for your walk.Explain why.

Tuesday- Firecracker-  What elements make up a line graph?

Wednesday- Firecracker- Draw a motion graph that shows a runner who ran at a constant speed for 20 seconds before taking a rest for 10 seconds.

Thursday 9/14- Firecracker- If there is a horizontal line on a motion graph, what does that indicate about the object’s motion? (Delayed Opening)

Friday- Firecracker- How would you have to change a ramp in order to make your car move at a quicker speed?

  • Firecracker Check

  • Car Speed Lab-

    • Build 1st Ramp and Sketch

    • Build 2nd Ramp and Sketch

    • Graphing each ramp

  • Fun Friday- Whiteboard multiple choice

Week 2: 9/5-9/8

Monday 9/5- Labor Day- No School

Tuesday 9/6- Firecracker- Set up a graph with all of it’s components (title, x & y axis labeled, data points)

  • NEEDS ASSESSMENT in the library BOTH SCIENCE Classes

  • Set up account on Everfi (bring earbuds Thursday)

Wednesday 9/7-  Firecracker- How can you tell if an object is moving? (have computers)

Thursday 9/8-  Firecracker- If a car is moving 150 miles in 2 hours. What is it's speed?

Friday 9/9-  Firecracker-How long will it take you to evacuate Key West, FL if you are going to Atlanta, GA(800 Miles) if your speed is 20mph?

    • Check and go over Speed Problems HW

    • Handout WIN Planning Forms & SHOW where to find course catalog

    • Walking Speed Lab

    Fun Friday- Pictionary cards

Week 1: 8/28-9/1

Monday- Set up Firecracker Sheet (Introduce beginning class routine)-

  • Firecracker- What is the one best thing you did this summer?

  • Get to know you form

  • Lockers- Locker Video (T:20-30min into class, M:30-40min into class)

    • Hand out lab contracts & course letter

  • KWL

Tuesday- Firecracker- What is your definition of respect?

Wednesday- Firecracker- List 6 hobbies that you have.

  • Finish Diverse Skills- Graphing Activity

  • Discussion of skills & ability to grow with a growth mindset and neuroplasticity (video)

Thursday- Firecracker- What is a step that a scientist takes in order to solve a problem?

  • Lab Safety Contract Due

  • Introduce Mystery Box Activity

Friday- Firecracker (Firecracker Check)- In case of a fire, tornado, or lockdown emergency, where would you go if you were in this room?

  • Finish Mystery Box Activity