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EQ:  How do balanced and unbalanced forces affect the motion of an object?

Sept. 17-21

May the Force be with you

Firecracker:  How do you manipulate your ramp to make your car travel further?


  • Make your own story for each graph describing your speed and motion

Firecracker: What does it mean if there is a horizontal line on a speed graph?


  • Make your own story for each graph describing your speed and motion

  • Everfi Activity- Finish Speed Math Edition (if you have earbuds)
  • No earbuds then start this task online. Fastest Activity

Firecracker: How do you make objects move?


Firecracker: Do you have to be touching an object to make it move? Why or Why not?


  • Community Service Initial Check-in

  • Why is Little Vader(in this clip) unable to use “the force” to make objects move?

  • Write in discussion post online.

Firecracker: What does it mean in terms of forces if a tug of war match is a standstill?



  • Quiz: Wednesday on Motion and Speed Graphing (10points)

  • Homework- Friday Community Service Initial Check-in (3 Points)


EQ: Why is speed an accurate way to describe whether an object is in motion?

Sept. 4-7

Speed & Motion

Monday: Labor Day

Firecracker: How can you tell an object is moving?


Firecracker: How fast is a person walking if the go 20 km in 4 hours?


Firecracker:How long will it take for a boat with a speed of 45 mph to travel to Key West, FL from Wilmington, NC (685 miles)?


Firecracker: You are walking down the street. Identify & explain a good reference point for your walk.


  • Finish lab write-ups

  • EVERFI account activation

  • Everfi Activity- Speed Science Edition


Classwork- Traffic Jam Speed Lab & CER (4 Points)

Homework-Community Service Plan check-in 9/14

EQ: How can difficult problems be solved in science this year?

Aug. 28-31

Intro. Week

Monday: Teacher Workday

Firecracker: What is the best thing you did this summer?

Day 1:

Firecracker: How do you show someone respect?

Day 2:

  • Notecard get to know you session with stickers(1. Name 2. Most Proud of, 3. ?) give one positive adjective about each person at your table

  • Establish Classroom Norms following REACH for 1. Start of class 2. How to be recognized 3. Group work 4. Other Procedures

  • Graphing- What elements make a graph? (S) Types of Smart- Graphing Activity

Firecracker: What are 6 things you like to do?

Day 3:

Firecracker: During a firedrill how do we exit the building?

Day 4: