Hello to all of my students and parents of my students.  I want to give you a little background on myself and my classroom.  

I have been teaching for 12 years in the state of North Carolina.  I started out teaching in Goldsboro NC, and after 2 years I transferred to Culbreth and have been teaching here ever sense.  I got my degree from up north at Eastern Michigan University in both elementary ed and Middle school math.  I have taught all three grades over the last 12 years, and this year I am teaching 6th grade to 7th grade as well.

I expect my students rater they are in compacted or in math success to believe and themselves and do the best that they can everyday in and out of class.  My goal for the year it to find the best way for each student to learn and grow, and by doing this they will learn what works best for them.  I do not give a lot of homework but I do expect each of my students to complete it every night and to study for each test for a minimum of 2 days.
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