Migues' PE/Health Classes

Welcome to Ed Migues' website.  I am the Health and P.E. teacher for Team Valor in 7th grade.  Every 9 week quarter, we spend six weeks in Physical Education and three weeks in Health.  In P.E., we use a Team/Individual Sports model where the students learn and practice a variety of sports.  Additionally, we work on the students' fitness development, both in the school fitness room and daily in P.E. classes.  In Health, a general schedule follows:

1st quarter: Subjects covered are responsibility, impulsiveness, stress and stress management, and sleep.
2nd quarter: Subjects covered are media literacy, bullying, relationships/dating issues and human reproduction topics (in 7th grade, we cover STD's).
3rd quarter: Subject covered is nutrition. 
4th quarter: The main subject covered is substance abuse; the students will create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) about the dangers of substance use/abuse.