So what is a coach?

Literacy and math coaches are curriculum leaders who work collaboratively with teachers and administrators.  Our focus is to work alongside teachers to ultimately improve student achievement in literacy and math. The coaches provide school-based, job-embedded support for teachers as they work to implement effective instructional practices in their classrooms.

Why coaching?

Coaching has been identified as one of the most effective professional development method for teachers.  Coaching best supports the application of new learning about effective instructional practice.  

 What do coaches do?
  • Coaches support classroom teachers in the implementation of the curriculum and of research-based effective instructional practices.
  • Coaches plan cooperatively with teachers.
  • Coaches demonstrate and observe lessons and provide support with lesson analysis and reflection.
  • Coaches support school teams in the collection and analysis of student achievement data.
  • Coaches help teachers find and use effective resources.
  • Coaches provide professional development to teachers and staff.