An introduction

Thanks so much for stopping by my webpage.  I am very enthusiastic about helping you learn Spanish and develop an appreciation for the countries and cultures that make up the Spanish speaking world.  Your effort and practice will be richly rewarded by the art, music, history, literature, sports, humor, friendship, and thinking available to you through use and the study of Spanish.

Please remember that your brain is designed to learn languages.  You can free your brain to do what it does by working in the language you want it to learn.  
  • Participate actively in class.
  • Remember that each activity is designed to teach you something, make sure you learn it.  
  • Correct all work done in class for full credit.  
  • Study the vocabulary or grammar from class for 15 minutes every night!

Ojo!/ Warning!

There is nooooooo excuse for having less than full credit (10 points) on any assignment.  I give time IN CLASS to do and correct assignments where I, your classmates, and your notes and vocabulary are available to help.  Use it!  

If you need help and class time is not enough, talk to me!

You MUST study 15 minutes a night to keep up with new material.  If you do class will be more productive, and quizzes will be easy, and you will be very happy with your progress in being able to understand and use Spanish.  If you don't.... 

Calendar of Assignments

Español 2