We had a great 2017-2018 school year in Team Valor Language Arts!

I am looking forward to meeting the next group of Valor students this August!

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Upcoming Deadlines & Class Announcements:

Retake Policy
For a student to receive credit for a test or quiz resubmission, students must print, complete, and submit the appropriate Test or Quiz Study Guide, which can be found on the Google Classroom. Students can work on these study guides with me during lunch, independently, or in groups.    No study guide, no credit.

Late Work Policy
As detailed on the course syllabus, assignments submitted two weeks past the due date are no longer eligible for submission. Remember: points are not docked for late assignments, but the F in the grade book becomes permanent after two weeks.

Q1 Late Work Due Dates:
  • No assignments yet in Q1.
Q1 No Longer Accepting:
  • No assignments yet in Q1.