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Stats Homework and Selected Solutions

Before Spring Break Assignment: (This can be done individually or in pairs (meaning 2! people))
Thursday - Come up with your project and ask your question in the google spreadsheet below.  Everyone must answer all questions on the spreadsheet before class tomorrow.
Friday - Analyze data and turn in final product.

Option 1:  Find a parameter (a mean or proportion) describing teenagers/CHHS students/Chapel Hill-Carrboro residents (some population that your class members are a part of)  online and compare the statistic from our class to that parameter with a test.  Also construct a confidence interval for our class statistic.
Option 2:  Gather data from our class and compare statistics from two groups (2 sample test for difference of proportions/means).  Also construct a confidence interval.

Jamie Hartzell,
Mar 25, 2014, 1:31 PM