Students can schedule appointments with their grade-specific counselor by stopping by the Student Services Office or emailing their counselor.  

Parents can call their child's counselor or the student services secretary to schedule an appointment.
2017-2018 Student Services Directory

Student Services Secretary
Mrs. Jo Massey
919-918-2145 ext. 21201

2018-19 6th Grade School Counselor
Ms. Susan Pizzolato
919-918-2145 ext. 21208

2018-19 7th Grade School Counselor
Ms. Sheila Bryan
919-918-2145 ext. 21210

8th Grade School Counselor
Mr. Steve Young
919-918-2145 ext. 21212


                Sheila Bryan (7th), Steve Young (8th), 
                        and Susan Pizzolato (6th)