Workspace & Toolbar

Over the first quarter and half of the year, we've been working with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create, edit and arrange still images. Still images make up a significant amount of the visual content around us, but the world around us is always in motion and often the creative content we see is as well.

Beginning today for the next couple months, much of our work will be in motion. If that's the object in motion or a camera dollying into/panning around the object, something will most always be in motion.

LINK: Flash Workspace & Panels

As we begin to work our way into animation, Adobe Flash is a great place to start. The application is familiar to the other Adobe products we've used thus far and the animation process is 2D and quick. Tweens are a couple clicks results take little rendering time/resources.

Animated by Cento Lodigiani

Beginning animators rely on little to say a lot and that's valuable skill as your animation abilities grow and/or the software gets more complex. Pixar's top animators rely on strong character "voice" through non-verbal ways (i.e. eyes, eyebrows, clothing and character movement).