Light Switch

"Light Switch"

For this project, you will create a short animation. It looks super easy but requires buttons, ActionScripts and nested symbols. Here are some instructions and screenshots that might be helpful. All this material has been covered multiple times in the course.

If you are struggling, do what you can do so it looks correct and then worry about the buttons, stopping and starting scripts.

  • 5pts - Create a movie clip symbol of a circular sun "morph" into a sliver of a moon (60 frames)
  • 5pts - Have an ActionScript stop at frame 1
  • 10pts - Also at frame 1, create a button symbol "go dark" or something similar, which applies a go to next frame and play
  • 5pts - Morph symbol should move from left side of the stage to right on an arc (Motion tween -- Adjust arc with Selection tool)
  • 5pts - Create a movie clip symbol that will take the sky dark over 60frames
  • 5pts - have an ActionScripts stop at the end of that animation (frame 60)
  • 5pts - Have stop scripts on frame 60s within your symbols as necessary to have the effect work as a pause at night.
  • 10pts - At frame 60, have a "here comes the sun" button with different over state
  • 5pts - Create a 2nd scene view > other panels > scene
  • 5pts - Make the "here comes the sun" button go to that new scene and play
  • 20pts - Also over 60 seconds, reverse the animation --
    • Duplicate symbols, reverse Tweens place on stage
    • Scene 2 shouldn't require any ActionScripts
    • Symbol's arcs should be aligned for the effect to work
  • TOTAL 80pts