Workspace & Toolbar

We are going to take a quick tour of the Photoshop interface and tools. Confidently knowing the toolbar can speed up your processes and improve the quality of your designs.

Just as it is in Adobe Illustrator

    • Opening the application/specific file(s)
  • Adjusting the Workspace preset
    • Showing/hiding rulers and guides
  • Tools/"hidden" tools
    • Zooming and using the Navigator window
    • Shortcuts: Command +, Command - and Command 0
  • Free Transform, Rotate
    • Shift to scale
  • Text tool

New to Photoshop OR Different from how we used them in Illustrator.

  • Undo, redo and the History window
  • Creating layers -- Why use layers?
  • Hiding/deleting layers
  • Adjustments > Levels, Adjustments > Hue/Saturation
  • Cropping an image down in size OR using crop to expand your canvas
  • Brushes
    • Colors, brush styles
  • Move tool -- Moves everything on the layer/within current selection
  • Saving .JPGs vs. .PSDs -- Unless told otherwise, submit .psd files for grading/review.