Blending Modes

We've already used Blending modes some to create overlapping layers (Multiple, Overlay) in multiple projects, but in this assignment we will take a vector logo created in Illustrator into Photoshop to have it blend with the background textures.

Since we're using Smart Objects for the logo, all the original art is still manipulatable in Illustrator. If we want to adjust colors, typeface or text content, we can easily do that.

LINK: Smart Objects and Blending Modes for Weathered Logo

LINK: Space Objects (Star Field)

LINK: Star Field

LINK: Exploding Planet

LINK: Realistic Galaxy

LINK: 3D Sphere with Texture / Part 2 on Bump Maps

But Blend If can be used to create interesting logos or designs by making sharp contrasted edges blurred and effected with Adjustment Layers.

LINK: Using Blend If to Create Interesting Logos