Swatches & Gradients

Adobe has been very kind to graphic designers by providing Swatch libraries for a variety of topics. Today, we will create a cheese burger with lots of items on it. We will use swatches, the Effect menu bar and finish with gradients. The gradients will give an appearance of form and value that will make it all look a little more realistic.

Beginning with some shapes that we made yesterday (ellipses and rectangles), we can easily adjust them and cut them with a Knife (not Slice) tool to create a good looking hamburger (and maybe some fries if you're feeling really adventurous/hungry).

Techniques Used:

  • Effect > Stylize (Round Corners)
  • Effect > Distort & Transform (Roughen, Zig Zag)
  • Effect > Warp (Arc)
  • Warp tool (Shift + R)