Gifted Services

Gifted Program  Advisory  Council Survey - share your opinions by April 30 about gifted services in CHCCS.
Gifted Program Team Parent Representatives

The purpose of Morris Grove's Gifted Program Team is to provide a communication link between the parent community and the Gifted Educaiton Specialist.  Parent representatives for the 2016-17 school year are:
Becky Lee
Erica Krieg
These parents also serve as representatives to the district Gifted Program Advocay Council (GPAC). The purpose of the GPAC is to meet with and advise the Coordinator of Gifted Programs and to provide a communication link between specific school communities and district administration. This group  advised the development of the 2016-2019 Gifted Plan and will continue to support its implementation. GPAC meets quarterly.

What is AIG?


Our Vision is for gifted and talented students to acquire the knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes to achieve their learning potential. To develop their fullest potential, we will encourage students to embrace diversity, contribute positively to their community, explore possibilities, and aspire to excellence.  


We believe Gifted Learners …

  • Need opportunities that challenge and inspire them to grow academically, intellectually, socially and emotionally.

  • Need adults who perceive their emerging talents and nurture their potential.

  • Need teachers who are aware of the nature and needs of their gifted students, are resolved to meet those needs, and have expertise in doing so.

  • Need time during the school day to explore their giftedness.

  • Need instruction that enables them to achieve at least one year of growth for one year of schooling.  


Important  Dates

April 28, 2017
Parents of nominated students receive results of gifted identification process. 

Feb. 2017
AIG Testing  Parents of nominated students will receive a testing schedule via email by Jan. 20, 2017.