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Estimados padres, madres, y/o tutores, febrero del 2016

Si Ud. nominó a su hijo/a para la identificación como niño/a dotado/a, Ud. querrá saber que los exámenes y evaluaciones se han terminado. Los resultados de estos exámenes se van a saber la semana del 22 de abril 2016.  Los niños y las niñas que, en el último año, tenían calificaciones superiores al 95% en exámenes estandarizadas (por ejemplo, los EOG, BOG, y Performance Series) fueron nominados/as. También lo fueron los que tenían una calificación del 90% en una prueba de habilidad (por ejemplo, la Naglieri o NNAT, y la CogAT). Cada año tienen la posibilidad de ser nominados/as, y evaluados/as, de nuevo si tienen calificaciones nuevas lo suficientemente altas. Alumnos/a, es por eso que ustedes deben tomar en serio las pruebas Performance Series y EOGs. Los resultados de las pruebas no miden su valor como persona, pero sí pueden abrir puertas nuevas para uno.

Si tiene una pregunta sobre el caso de su hijo/a comuníquese al o al (919) 942 - 6491 x 37331 Gracias, y que tengan un maravilloso fin de semana,
Caroline Hesse


Dear parents, and/or guardians, February 2016
If you nominated your son/daughter for gifted identification, you will want to know that tests and evaluations have been completed. The results of these tests are going to be available the week of April 22, 2016. Students who, in the last year, had scores at or above 95% on standardized achievement tests (eg, EOG, BOG, and Performance Series) were eligible to be nominated. So were those with a score of 90% or higher in an aptitude test (eg. Naglieri or NNAT, CogAT). Every year students have the chance to be nominated / as, and evaluated / as, again if they have new and sufficiently high scores. Students, this is why you should take Performance Series and EOGs seriously. These test scores are not a measure of your value as a person. On the other hand, they can open new doors for you.
If you have further questions about your child, contact the or (919) 942-6491 x 37331. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend,
Caroline Hesse

Below you will find the presentation from October Parent Presentation 2015 in case you missed it or want to re-read information.

Keep in mind the details may not be exactly the same next year.

Nomination forms are available at the district website: and were due in December 2015.

Changes from 2014-2015 to 2015-2016?

The biggest changes are that:

1. Nominations will be accepted through December 17th, instead of the end of January.

3. Students may be nominated for "gifted" and in rare cases "highly gifted" identification, generally starting in 3rd grade (when standardized testing begins.)

Some things that remain unchanged are that:

1. A student must have three qualifying scores in a subject, either math or language arts, to be labelled "gifted."

2. Qualifying scores are as follows:

- a 90%+ aptitude score

- a 95%+ achievement score

- and a gifted-level qualitative score (demonstrating ability a year or more ahead of student's actual grade level)

Gifted Education Specialist

Caroline Hesse

I come from Madison, WI where I was a dual language teacher in a new secondary program. I have taught Spanish for Spanish speakers, Spanish Language Arts, Math, ESL, and Social Studies. I have studied and worked in Germany, Spain, and Ecuador, and was also a student in a DL program myself. I have a Master's of Education and a Master's of Spanish. I have several certifications to teach general education k-8, Spanish, bilingual education and ESL at levels ranging from kindergarden to 12th grade. I also am a middle school math specialist. I love to learn myself, and try to convey the value of continual learning my students also. I also try to imbue students with an understanding that intelligence is not about memorizing or instantly coming to an answer. Rather, I try to demonstrate by example that figuring things out and experimenting with this or that solution, style, or idea is a way to learn.

Fun Facts:

* I love classic cars! My favorites are old Cadillacs, Imperials, and Impalas.
* Law and Order keeps me running on the treadmill, as can House Hunters International and soccer.
* I actually don't watch Packer games.(!) World Cup soccer keeps me glued to the TV, though.
* I do not appreciate heights.
* More cilantro is better in almost any dish!

Excellence in education is when we do everything that we can to make sure they become everything that they can. − Carol Ann Tomlinson

Program Mission Statement 


The purpose of the Chapel Hill - Carrboro City Schools' Academically and  Intellectually Gifted (AIG) Programs is to provide rich and rigorous learning opportunities for gifted students in every class. A variety of settings, instructional models and teaching strategies combine to create programming that is respectful and appropriate for the diverse needs of our gifted learners. Responsibility for providing gifted services is held by the wider school community with support from the gifted education specialists who work in collaboration with teachers and students in each elementary and middle school.