Fifth Grade-Mrs. Finegan and Mrs. Barr

Our fifth grade year at Glenwood is extremely exciting. The fifth graders have many exciting jobs and experiences that are only offered to fifth graders at Glenwood Elementary. They are able to participate in morning jobs such as: Peer Helping, Safety Patrol, and many other leadership opportunities. They switch classes as if they are in middle school to help them transition to middle school easily. Because the students switch classes, they will have two fifth grade teachers. Mrs. Finegan will teach the entire math and science curriculum. Mrs. Barr will teach the entire reading, writing, and social studies curriculum. The biggest thrill in fifth grade is our trip to Salter Path, North Carolina in April. We take all the students to the Sound to Sea program at the Trinity Center. It is an amazing camp and students cherish this rite of passage as 5th graders. At the end of the year, we will have a graduation ceremony and party to celebrate the end of elementary school for our fabulous fifth graders. The year is rigorous and action packed. We look forward to an amazing year.

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