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The Cultural Enrichment class is a space that offers our students the tools to learn, understand, appreciate, respect, embrace and get involved with other cultures and their own and that will allow them to respond in a manner that enriches them and their overall relationship to the world.
We virtually travel every quarter to different Spanish speaking countries and learn about their ancestors, folclore, art, traditions, food, life style, way of living, schools and language usage and get immersed in it. We compare our way of living with those countries we learn about and make connections with students in those schools via Skype and by doing pen-pals. We also learn song and dances from these countries and read lots of stories.

It is my mission to share, educate and prepare our students through this class for success in an interconnected world and increasingly global market; to create cultural awareness; to encourage love, respect and tolerance for Latin American and other cultures; and last but not least to motivate them to explore new horizons. -

Enriquecimiento Cultural - Cultural Enrichment