Health Units

August 24-August 28th- Stepping Up Program- This program is designed to help 6th graders get acclimated to middle school. This programs has a series of activities that build self-esteem and promote a teamwork environment. 

August 31- September 4th-Goal Setting and Decision Making- I will teach your child about goal setting and about going through a mental process to achieve goals and make great decisions. Students will do a series of assignments and projects to help reinforce the concepts learned in class!!

September 8th-September 11th- Managing Stress- I will be teaching your child about how to manage stress and the many different options of stress management. They will also get a chance to do scenarios in class that can help them deal with stress properly!! 

2nd Quarter 
Interpersonal Relationships (optional/alternate assignments will be given)
  • Bullying
  • early sexual behavior
  • reproductive organs
3rd Quarter
  • Eating healthy
  • USDA dietary guidelines
  • Food pyramid
  • Brochure Project
  • Weight management chart
4th Quarter
Communicable and Chronic Disease 
  • What is communicable and chronic disease?
  • Examples of each type of disease.
  • Risk behaviors
  • Project