There are three ways to preserve your CHCCS Google account data (email messages, documents, etc.) when you are leaving the district:
  •  Migrating your data to a regular, account (At this time you can migrate your email messages and Drive docs that you own).
  • Using Google Takeout to download an archive of your data to a computer that you own
  • Share individual Docs, Sites, and Calendars to a regular Gmail account (good option if you have Google Sites and Calendars that you would like to preserve).
Please note: The district cannot recover your data once your account has been deleted. If you wish to preserve assets that you have created while at CHCCS, it is important that you use one of the methods presented here BEFORE your account is removed from our system.

You can also use these methods to create a personal backup of your CHCCS Google data at any time.

Migrate Your Data to a regular Gmail Account

Google allows you to transfer your Email messages and Drive documents that you own from your CHCCS account to a regular, account.

To get started, you'll need to setup a regular Google account. Click the link below to begin transferring your data. You can create an account from the page below if you need one.

Migrate your data to an account (you must be logged into your CHCCS account for the link to work)

For more information about migrating your data and how to prepare for a successful transfer of data please see this help article from Google.

Google Takeout Data Download

Google Takeout allows you to download a copy of your email messages, documents, calendar events, and sites to your computer as an archive (.zip file). This data can either be kept in storage on the hard drive of a computer that you own, placed in cloud storage (like Dropbox), or uploaded into a new ( Google account.

Access Google Takeout (you must be logged into your CHCCS account for the link to work). 

You can also access Takeout from your CHCCS Gmail by clicking on your picture in the upper right-hand corner, selecting "My Account," "Control your content," then "Create Archive."

Sharing Manually to Another Google Account
Your CHCCS Google data can also be shared/forwarded to another Google account that you own. This option is best when:

1. You only have a small amount of data that you want to preserve.
2. You want to preserve Google Sites that you have made.
3. You do not have a device on which to store your data.

Note: This process must be performed manually.

Sites and Documents

To transfer sites and documents to another Google account, first share the CHCCS version of the site or doc with the @gmail account. Next, make a copy of the site or document within the new @gmail account. It is important that you make a copy of the site or document in your new account, as the original will be deleted with your old account is removed from CHCCS Google Apps.

To copy a Google Doc, Sheet, Slides, go to File > Make a copy

Email messages

Simply forward messages that you wish to keep from your CHCCS account to your new Gmail address.

Calendar Data

You can export your data from your CHCCS Google Calendar. Once you have exported your calendar data, you can simply import it into the calendar application in your new Google Account.