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The purpose of the Culbreth Gifted Education program is to ensure that all students are growing and learning every day.  This is accomplished through a variety of ways: collaboration with classroom teachers,  differentiation and inclusion in the classroom, and extensive enrichment opportunities.  Helen Motta is the Gifted Education Specialist for Culbreth.  If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Elwood Peters/ Gifted Education Specialist  ext 51907

AIG Testing

Contact group for Parents of 2E Children 

Katherine Prakken

December 17th, Final date for AIG nominations for 2015-16  More information to come!!
Culbreth Gifted Program Team
The Culbreth Gifted Program Team is a group of parents and teachers that hears feedback and communicates issues involving gifted education and serve as advocates for advanced learners at Culbreth.  The Gifted Program Team members for Culbreth are: 

Elwood Peters, Gifted Education Specialist and Chair of the committee -
Noa Struchiner, Culbreth Math Coach
Helen Motta, Language Arts Teacher, 6th grade Compacted and 8th grade Math I -
Tiffany Allen, Parent of 7th grader -
Nurum Erdem, Parent of 7th grader -

Please feel free to contact any member of the Gifted Program Team if you have questions or concerns about the gifted program. 
Meeting agendas and minutes will be posted here. 
The next meeting of the Culbreth GPT will be on Tuesday, December 2, from 3:30-4:30 in the Culbreth Bookroom. 

Clubs @ Culbreth

Many new lunchtime and after-school clubs have started this year. 
For more information on Culbreth Clubs, please see the Culbreth Clubs page, which is linked from the Culbreth main page.

7th and 8th Grade Parents - Duke Tips is enrolling now

Duke TIPs is a talent-search program in which advanced 7th grade students are offered the opportunity to take college level placement tests, the SAT and ACT.  Please see the Duke TIPS enrollment page for more information and qualification requirements.  If you think your child might qualify but are not sure, please email me to find out.