Welcome to the Culbreth Cougar Band 2016-2017 school year! I hope everyone had a restful summer. The following information should be helpful to you and your child. I plan to send information throughout the year but this should get us started with the basics. Please make sure that your child shares the supply list with you. There are musical groups that we hope to continue in the coming months. I will be sending specific information regarding those groups as soon as possible.

  We will be having two major concerts on Wednesday, December 14th and Thursday, May 18th(7th and 8th grade only). The 6th grade will be playing for Celebration of the Arts in the spring. The Winter concert(Dec. 14) will include all grade levels. It is very important that ALL band students attend the concerts. The students need to hear the other grade levels and be supportive of each other during that concert. We are the Culbreth Cougar Band and not just individual classes. All parents and students need to be prepared to stay for the ENTIRE winter band concert. The concerts will be programmed so that they will not last an unreasonable amount of time (usually within an hour). These concerts teach listening skills, playing skills and concert etiquette. There is a possibility that some additional small concerts might be scheduled later in the year for special groups.

Concert Attire - Boys - White collared dress shirt, long tie, black pants, black socks and nice shoes.Girls - White shirt or blouse, black pants or skirt(Skirts must touch the knee) black socks or stockings and nice shoes.






  The quality of learning is always affected by the discipline in the classroom. I try to make the band classes interesting but rules are still needed to keep order. Please understand that my discipline policy covers each nine week grading period. If a child receives a warning and a parent phone call during the first nine weeks, it will not carry over into the second nine weeks. The discipline policy will start over for everyone at the beginning of each new nine week period.




•1.   Enter the room quietly.

•2.   Be seated with instrument two minutes after class begins.

•3.   Come to class prepared. (Instrument, Pencil, Band Book)

•4.   Respect others at all times.

•5.   No talking without permission.

•6.   Try your best!!!!!!


Pep Band


  We will also be offering Pep Band this fall which will be open to band students only. This group has a great time supporting various athletic teams in the fall.  This group will be playing for football games and other sporting events. This is not an auditioned group! I will have a sign up sheet posted outside the band room.


Jazz Band


  Our Culbreth Jazz Band is an exciting style of music that is much different than concert music. This is primarily open to 7th and 8th grade advanced band students. However, auditions will be open to ANY Culbreth band student that has advanced skills on their instrument. We will be using saxophones, trombones, trumpets, electric guitar, drum set, bass, and piano. This group is already selected for this year but we will have auditions for the 2017-2018 jazz band at the end of this year. This ensemble will begin meeting before school Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 7:20a.m. until 8:10a.m. The first rehearsal will be  Wednesday Sept. 7th. We will then meet the next Tuesday and Wednesday(Sept. 13th& 14th).


All-District Band


  All-District band students are selected from the central region of North Carolina. The Central District extends from the Greensboro area to the Raleigh area. I will have auditions here at school in December to make sure the students are prepared and the All-District auditions will be in January. If they are selected then they will perform with the other students in the region at a Central District school. Students must be able to play seven major scales, sight-read and play a prepared solo. For more information you may log on to the Central District Bandmasters Association website which is located at ncbandmasters.org I will be passing out more information in the next couple of weeks.


Miscellaneous Information


  It is required that your child's NAME is on their instrument case by placing a quality LUGGAGE TAG on the handle. Band students will have the opportunity to choose a wooden cubby or a metal locking cubby. They may need to share a locker depending on the size of the instrument. If you would like your child to be able to secure their instrument then they will need to bring a COMBINATION lock as soon as possible. Key locks are NOT acceptable. Any student will be given a ZERO on their participation grade if they do not have their instrument in class (unless it is being repaired). They must have a note from their parent if their instrument is being repaired. Please make sure that your child obtains these supplies as soon as possible. I will allow time for the music companies to restock before checking for these supplies in class.Please have your child ask for another supply list if they need one.

Band Phone 929-7161  Ext. 52420


Supply List


The following instruments need to have certain accessories to properly maintain and play them. Please make sure your child has the following equipment:

  Flute-Cleaning cloth

  Clarinet- (10) Vandoren # 2(6th Grade- Rico #2.5)  reed, cleaning cloth, swab

  Saxophones- (10) Van. #2 (6th Grade-Rico #2.5)reed, cleaning cloth, swab

  Trumpet, Baritone-Valve oil Horn-Rotary oil, cleaning cloth, tuning slide grease

  Trombone-Slide cream (NOT slide oil!!), water spray bottle, cleaning cloth



  Private lessons - Your child can benefit significantly whether they need to improve their playing skills or if they are an advanced student. I will be providing a list of local teachers so that your child can take of advantage of this regions' talented private teachers.

  Music Technology -There are so many computer music programs that could benefit your music student. One of these programs is Smart Music and we have subscribed to it this year. This program allows your child to play along in their band book with an accompaniment, tune their instrument, correct fingerings, play musical exercises, record their playing and many other outstanding features.  You just need to go to http://www.smartmusic.com/ or call 1-800-843-2066 to subscribe.

Summer Music Camps - The summertime is a great time for band students to have a unique experience at some of our local music camps. The largest summer music camp is located very close to us in Greensboro. This UNC-G camp fills up very quickly so you will need to register by the first few days in February.

  Music Stores - The area music stores have been very helpful in having supplies and  materials that can help our band students. Band students really love it when they can get a book that has show tunes or popular tunes that they can recognize. The advanced students can also purchase a lot of materials that they can use to help them become an even better player.   


Music and Arts

  Education Rep.336-260-7723  Brad Landess

Durham Store   919-402-9270

  Burlington Store   336-228-1709

  Customer Service 888-731-5396


Music Loft-Carrboro   919-968-4411






Band Room Rules


  I understand the rules and the consequences of the classroom and the concert attendance policy.


Parent's Signature____________________________________Date_____________


Student's Name_________________________Grade______Period______


Student's Signature_________________________Date______________


My child would like to audition or perform in the following groups:

(Not available to beginning players)


Pep Band_____________________Instrument______________________________


All-District Band_______________Instrument______________________________






Beginning Students Only



  Students need to understand that they must begin band on the flute, clarinet, trumpet and trombone. Students MAY NOT begin on saxophone at the beginning of the year. There have been too many students wanting to begin on the saxophone which is detrimental to the balance of a band. Students wishing to play saxophone must begin on clarinet and then audition for saxophone in December. Beginning band students may not begin on percussion. They must play one of the beginning wind instruments until December. The percussion auditions will also take place at the beginning of December.

  Beginning band is a full year course that meets every day. The students will be required to practice and to bring their band instrument and supplies every day. The students need to be on a regular practice schedule. Please make sure that you acquire an instrument that is very dependable. The following instrument brands are very dependable: Yamaha, Selmer (Bundy), Vito, Conn, King and Armstrong. Students will also need to purchase the band book Standard of Excellence. Please make sure that it is the first book and written for your child's instrument.