Students who take Reading at Culbreth participate in the Scholastic READ 180 program.  READ 180 is a multimedia program that is designed to meet the specific needs of students whose reading achievement is below grade level.  The program blends instruction from the teacher with innovative computer software that tracks students' progress and customizes instruction to meet their needs.  The purpose of the program is to accelerate the acquisition of literacy skills.  Specifically, students will receive instruction on key comprehension skills, vocabulary/word study, grammar, usage, and mechanics skills. Additionally, I will monitor students' progress throughout the year and send home reports to inform parents of their student's progress.

My past experience with the program has shown that students who actively participate and take advantage of all the program has to offer can make great gains in their reading comprehension!  It is exciting to be able to implement a research-based program with a history of making a difference in students' reading achievement!

Laura Beery, M.Ed.
Reading Specialist
Culbreth Middle School
919-929-7161, EXT. 51551
NBPTS certified