Culbreth Middle School Orchestra


Hello Orchestra Students! I am looking forward to seeing all of you in class very soon! Please check out the following information and look into renting (or purchasing) an instrument before school starts! Questions? Contact me (Ms. Franklin):

Orchestra Supply Shopping List:

  • Instrument

  • Method Book

  • Pencil

  • 1” binder

  • Accessories (rock stop or shoulder rest)

Instrument: You will need to provide your own instrument or you may use a school instrument (limited availability). If you do not own an instrument, there are many places in the Chapel Hill/Durham area where you can rent instruments or purchase your own. Please contact me if you need assistance with this or financial assistance. You can choose to play the violin, viola, cello or double bass. You can find a list of vendors on our website.  Please DO NOT ORDER an instrument from non-string specialists such as Ebay, Walmart, Target, etc. Your child needs to have a well-made instrument in order to have a successful year. If you are unable to purchase or rent at this time, please contact me for information about our scholarship instruments we have available! would like for all students to have an instrument in class by the second week of school if possible. If you don’t know which instrument you want to play, I will help you decide during the first week of school!

Here are some nearby places you can rent from (click title of shop for store link):

High Strung Violins & Guitars, Durham


Triangle Strings, Raleigh


Music & Arts, Durham


Bass players:

Bob’s Bass Violin Shop, Greensboro

(336) 272-2877

Dr. Bass, Durham

(919) 399-5061

Basic instrument supplies: rosin, a shoulder rest (violin/viola), a rockstop (cello, bass),

a soft cloth and a clip-on tuner (I recommend SNARK or other clip-on tuners).

Note: Some of these items come with your rental instrument. You can also purchase them at most local music stores.

A 1” or 2” binder just for orchestra with extra notebook paper to write down daily assignments and terminology. Be sure to keep track your notes for test review. Your binder can be any color/design, just make sure it has your name clearly marked on the outside. This is also where you will keep your practice records. You can store this binder in the orchestra room during the day. Keeping music in your orchestra binder is a classroom requirement.

Method Book: (for your child’s specific instrument - ex: “viola”)

6th grade: Essential Elements for Strings Book 1 (orange)

7th grade: Essential Elements for Strings Book 2 (purple)

8th grade: Essential Elements for Strings Book 3 (green)

Pencils and a pencil pouch: Aside from your music and instrument, a good pencil one of the most important tools for class. I ask that you purchase a pack of mechanical pencils and a zip-pouch just for orchestra. Make sure your pencils have good erasers and never mark music with a pen. Any tests given in class must also be written in pencil.

CMS Orchestra Calendar: 

CMS Orchestra

 I hope you can use this site to find helpful information, electronic copies of parent letters and announcements, as well as fun and helpful links for your children!

My contact information:

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