This website has links to the student textbooks by unit, links to videos and extra practice for topics in the read-set-go exercises. 

CHCCS Math 2 Scope and Sequence        
This document shows the 2016-17 school year at a glance in terms of topics to be studied and pacing.  

Week of Feb 20- Feb 24
During this week, students received the second volume of our CHCCS Math 2 curriculum materials for this school year.   There are 4 units in this volume,  the first two on geometry, then a unit on right triangle trigonometry, and we finish the year with probability, as indicated in the Scope and Sequence document
  • All Math 2 classes, both honors and standard, are currently studying Unit 5 on Congruence, Construction, and Proof.  Here is a link to resources for Unit 5 (videos and worksheets) that will support students as they study congruence, construction and proof.
Week of Mar 6-10
All sections of Math 2 and Honors Math 2 test on Unit 5 Congruence, Construction, and Proof.  

Week of Mar 13-17 
Quarter 3 Benchmark testing this week!
We begin study on Unit 6 Geometric Figures.  Here is the Learning Map for Unit 6.  This unit begins with experiments to convince ourselves that the sum of the interior angles of a triangle is 180 degrees.  Then we move on to formal, 2-column geometric proofs.  How do you know that? - or Ways of Knowing are a major focus in this unit.  Although justification and explanation have been expected from students at all phases of their prior math studies, 2-column geometric proofs are a new way of thinking for many students.  Formalized proofs are highly structured exercises in logic and justification and students will come to appreciate and enjoy the outcomes.  
 Here is a link to resources for Unit 6 (videos and worksheets) that will support students as they study geometric figures.